Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper app for Android 4.1 devices

As you know doubt know, last week old Google announced their latest Android operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and if you own an Android device you are probably wondering if an when your device will get updated to Android Jelly Bean, the date for which isn’t known yet, but you can get a taste of Android Jelly Bean on your Android device by way of a new app.

The new app in question is the Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper app for Android devices, which is of course a live wallpaper that has been inspired by the original stock Android 4.1 Jelly Bean wallpaper, and just like the Easter egg found in Android Jelly Bean, this live wallpaper features little jelly beans floating across your screen.

I download the Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper app, and checked it out on my Samsung Galaxy S, and it looks fine if you want uncoloured jelly beans floating across your screen, and you can’t flick them like you can in the Easter egg of course, and when entering the setting you can change the type of jelly bean, the quantity, the size, and the speed.

Type four in the live wallpaper actually turns the jelly beans into tiny green Android robots floating across your display, which to me looks better than the bland jelly beans, but I guess that is a matter of preference.

Still, if you enjoy having a live wallpaper on your Android device, and have a fondness for either the jelly beans or the Android robot, you can download the Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper app to your Android device running Android 2.1 or above for free by hitting up Google Play.

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