Your views on new Apple iCloud Beta update

Many of you will be familiar with Apple’s iCloud storage service and at the moment it’s receiving an update in the form of the iCloud Beta website. Before WWDC back in June Apple was testing its iCloud Beta website and the site is now live for developers’ access. News in is that the Beta website has now been updated and now features web versions of Reminders and Notes. We’d like to hear your views on the new Apple iCloud Beta update.

We told of a leak about Reminders and Notes coming to the iCloud refresh back in May. We’re not exactly surprised to hear this then but nevertheless it’s further indication of a step in the right direction, although presently only registered developers can access the new additions. Working in much the same way as the iOS equivalents, iCloud will sync information such as lists and notes from your iOS devices when you launch either Reminders or Notes. Usefully this also works in the other direction so that your iPhone or iPad Notes or Reminders section will show information entered on the iCloud website.

Other new additions to the iCloud Beta website include beta versions of Find My iPhone and Calendar, according to iDownload Blog, sourced from MacRumors. The Find My iPhone feature now includes a battery percentage indicator for your missing phone but so far nothing new has been found on the Calendar app.

As iCloud already has over 125 million users since its appearance last fall there can be no doubt that the iCloud website will be an extremely useful addition to many people who will appreciate being able to access their iOS apps and information from the web. The next step will be when Apple pushes it out to third-party app developers.

We’d like to ask readers and also developers what you feel about the iCloud beta update and whether you feel the iCloud website will be useful to you? Send your comments to let us know.

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