Thinner in-cell touch panels on iPhone 5 possibility

More speculation on the iPhone 5 front today, which may indicate that the rumour that Apple plans on adopting the new thinner in-cell touch panel technology for the next iPhone might possibly be true. This speculation comes in the back of touch panel company WinTek announcing sales for June where down.

According to the guys over at Apple Insider, Topeka Capital Markets analyst, Brian White says that for the past 7-years, the average WinTek June sales have increased 1% month on month, but WinTek announced their June sales dropped 33.6%, which is the largest month-over-month sales drop he has seen since 2008.

However, apparently the analyst doesn’t believe that the drop in WinTek sales mean there is a sign that sales of Apple touch screen products are slowing, but rather this sudden drop could indicate that the touch panel company is losing market share in Apple’s next generation devices.

So basically this could mean that WinTek June sales have dropped when it comes to Apple gear because the firm doesn’t make in-cell tech, which has been rumoured that Apple is considering for the upcoming iPhone 5, with speculation naming Sharp, Toshiba Mobile and Sony as potential suppliers of in-cell tech for Apple’s next generation iOS smartphone.

Currently WinTek along with TPK Holdings provide glass-on-glass solutions for the current iPhone and the Apple iPad, and White estimates that previously WinTek generated in excess of 50% of their total sales from Apple. White went on to say that it is clear Apple has many next generation products on the horizon, and they may be adjusting their suppliers.

So could a fall in WinTek June sales indicate that the next iPhone will come out to play packing that rumoured thinner in-cell tech? Well obviously we’ll all have to wait until Apple unveils the iPhone 5 to find out for sure.

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