Sony Xperia S ICS update problems over & now on schedule

At Phones Review we’ve been attempting to keep readers informed with all the news about Android 4.0 ICS updates and if you’re a Sony Xperia S owner you’ll probably know that there have been some problems with the rollout. We’re pleased to tell you that it seems the Xperia S ICS update is now on schedule again and so those of you who are still waiting should be receiving it soon.

We first told readers that the ICS update was available for the Xperia S back in June but a week later it became apparent that there were issues. Some users who tried to update their phones were unable to do so even when their device SI numbers were listed among the devices that ICS was ready for. However Sony then acknowleged that there were some problems affecting the ICS rollout for the Xperia S and said it was working to fix them as quickly as possible. The good news today that these issues seem to have been overcome should delight many Xperia S owners who will now be able to get the first taste of Ice Cream Sandwich.

News of the fix came from Cnet who asked Sony about the issues and received word that the update was now back on schedule. When the ICS update first became available for the Xperia S, Sony told how it might take a few weeks for the rollout to complete. As the process was interrupted then it seems likely that it won’t reach everybody immediately even though the rollout is back on track so you may have to be patient a little while longer. Good to know though that the particular issues that stopped the rollout have been fixed and hopefully you’ll receive ICS soon even though the next Android OS, 4.1 Jelly Bean is now only just around the corner.

You can see a list of SI numbers for the Xperia S ICS update that Sony has issued here. If your device number is listed then it should be all systems go. Meanwhile if you want to see what ICS will bring to the Xperia S then check out the video below this story. Have you been waiting for the Xperia S ICS update? Perhaps you have now received it successfully, or maybe you’re still waiting? Send your comments to let us know.


21 thoughts on “Sony Xperia S ICS update problems over & now on schedule”

  1. Daz2711e says:

    The ics for xperia s looks very nice but I didn’t want to wait any longer.I gave my xs to my girlfriend who is getting frustrated.there has been many problems with the phone mainly the battery life and the yellow burn on the screen.overall I think Sony have failed with this.its a shame they err my favorite company.ics still not available in uk.I would advise everyone to get a new phone if u want the latest updates as idon’t think the xs will ever see jelly bean.just an opinion

    1. adamoozeerally93 says:

      The yellow tint issue was only present on the earliest examples sold in march. It has completely gone now, and the ICS update is available in the UK for all phones but those locked onto networks but will be released shortly on those too. It is a great phone, but for those who can wait a bit longer I would recommend waiting a couple of months till a updated flagship model comes out. The Camera and Screen quality on this phone is amazing, I own the phone and its a great phone.

      1. Gboy says:

        I bought my XS in UK (amazon.Co.UK) but I dont have the ICS yet. I’m happy with it now but I want ICS on my phone. I try to upgrade it for the 2nd time around but I still have the gingerbread.

  2. Randycat says:

    xperia s is a quality smartphone but i held back my update to ics coz a lot of people who updated it to ics are experiencing a number of issues one of which is lag etc. still have to wait when sony is able to address these issues 

  3. Stefan M says:

    Tried updating last night to ICS and phone has completly stopped working.
    Love the phone but not happy with sony at the moment having to send back for a new one.
    Only had phone three days.

  4. Waddy101 says:

    I had ICS on a galaxy nexus months ago. ICS was brilliant but I found the phone too big and uncomfortable. I sold my son the Nexus and bought a Xperia S, with the ics coming soon .That was 5 months ago. I’m still waiting for ICS, My son has received Jelly Bean (with no problems). For those who remember, Does Brian Rix run Sony? Such a nice phone let down in so many ways.

  5. Bro2ace says:

    Update ok put I have alot of bugs in the ics the home return. And menu buttons are not all ways responding apps crashing and phone truns on when lock screen and it keeps diung it need paching fast not reliable. As the update before hand other than that it ok phone good need an update to fix bugs not happy at moment my Samsung. Works better than sxs at the moment

  6. Ramirleyma says:

    My Xperia ARC S SI’s is included in the list. Just upgraded today. Few changes i.e the drop down menu, categorized options under setting, xperia themes. Wi-fi is OK, usual responsive screen, same delayed listing of app icon’s due to SD preparation? (everytime I open an app and hit home key; never changed after the update). Problem with the music player. Don’t know the right term; plays like a damaged CD. The prolonged rrrrrrrrrrrr sound. Is it lag??

  7. Davy says:

    Updated Xperia S to ICE and it crashed, luckily i made a backup 3 days before and i probably didn’t lose to much data. SONY !! an idea for you : with every big update create a small program that automatically takes a backup before . I love the phone but this is really necessary to avoid dataloss and a lot off stress!!!  Because of the shitty update I’ll miss my phone 4 2 weeks.

  8. Reloadedv says:

    Upgraded to 4.04 . working fine . able to play games like asphalt 7 , most wanted , heavy gunner , hot pursuit , shine tunner , ripple tide , juggernaut , shadow gun ,cs portable …and the list goes on !!!

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