New Twitter app for iPhone immense update list

If you use the iPhone Twitter app then a lot of changes will be coming your way soon with a major new update. Some leaked information from the forthcoming iOS 6 regarding a redesigned App Store shows a big update is on the way for Twitter as disclosed in the update history section. It looks as though the new version Twitter app for iPhone has an immense update list.

There has been some criticism about the lack of power-user features in current official Twitter mobile device apps but if this revamp info is accurate it certainly seems as though Twitter is going all out to impress. The leaked release notes show the Twitter for iPhone update 4.3 bringing improvements to notifications, searching and performance and focusing on interactivity. Apple is likely to fix the iOS 6 bug that leaked this news but the details are out, although of course we cannot yet tell you when this Twitter update will be released.

We heard of the update coming to Twitter from 9to5Mac who have helpfully listed all of the changes coming to Twitter that have been discovered so far. We’ll give you just a few of those enhancements or you can check them out in full at the above 9to5Mac link. As far as that focus on interactivity goes it seems the Tweet view experience will now contain videos, images and previews actually within the tweets with links to partners. Twitter will also be able to curate tweets and images highlighted under “selected events.”

One big change to notifications means that users will be able to opt for whether they want to receive push notifications when particular people they are following tweet them. Also users will be able to receive short non-interruptive notifications when they are already using the app Just a few of the many other changes include tapping on a person’s avatar to be taken straight to their profile or if there are authentication issues then the user will be able to enter their password manually. There are plenty of other changes including bug fixes, improved performance and tweaks but maybe the most obvious difference of all will be the new Twitter bird logo on the icon.

There’s a world of difference coming to Twitter for iPhone version 4.3 then and of course even more could be revealed before we finally see it arrive. We’d like to hear your thoughts on some of these changes coming to the Twitter iPhone app. Are you impressed with one aspect in particular? Maybe there’s something you’re particularly hoping to see appear that’s not yet been listed?


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