ICS update confirmed for HTC Rezound before month is out

Over in the good old US of A, owners of the HTC Rezound smartphone have been hearing for quite some time that the smartphone will be updated to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and thus far that ICS update hasn’t surfaced, leaving Rezound owners wondering just when HTC would deliver Android 4.0 to their handset.

Well according to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of Android and Me, HTC Support has confirmed that the HTC Rezound will be updated to the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system before the end of July.

Having said that, HTC has previously stated that Android Ice Cream Sandwich update would come to the HTC Rezound and on each occasion the update didn’t materialise.

However is appears that this time round it might actually happen, as in response to an HTC Rezound owner concerned about just when the device would gain ICS, HTC Support responded with the ICS (Android 4.0) update will be released for the Rezound by the end of this month (July) with final pushes in August.

So if you are an owner of the HTC Rezound and have gotten your ICS hopes up before, it’s time to get them up again, and keep an eye out for that Android Ice Cream Sandwich update to hit your HTC Rezound before the month is out, or you could be one of the unlucky ones that roll over in August of course.

No doubt most Rezound owner still wont believe it until they actually see the Ice Cream Sandwich update downloading to their handset, and if or when that happens feel free to share your joy to our comments area below.


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