Samsung Galaxy S3 differing colours hinted

As you no doubt know, when the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone from the Samsung camp, the Galaxy S3 became available, the smartphone only sported the option of two colours, marble white or pebble blue, and now apparently AT&T is taking pre-orders for a Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S3, making three colours in total.

However, according to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of Pocket-lint, despite not knowing whether the Samsung Galaxy S3 will become available in that Garnet Red over here in the UK, apparently old Sammy has hinted that other colour variants of the Galaxy S3 could be on the cards.

Apparently when the Pocket-lint guys asked the question of other coloured Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets, a spokesperson for Sammy UK responded with, “We will be announcing potential colour variants in due course.”

So there is a possibility that the United Kingdom will see the Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone become available wearing a different coloured jacket in hopefully the not too distant future, but just what particular colours that might be remains a mystery at this time.

So one does have to wonder just what new colours Samsung might adopt for the Galaxy S3 later on, perhaps an emerald green, or glittering gold, daffodil yellow, or plum purple perhaps? Do any of our readers have a particular colour they would like to see the Samsung Galaxy S3 becomes available in, if so feel free to share your colour choice to our comments area below.


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  1. CJ says:

    Samsung galaxy s3 gold would be my choice as the colour makes it stand out plus it looks beautiful gold anyway’s would be amazing if it came avaliable to buy on contract this year some when.

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