HTC Desire HD & others getting Android ICS: Update

There have been many HTC owners left confused over what devices will be getting the Android ICS update, one of the popular handsets many would like to know if it will receive the update is the HTC Desire HD.

Well, on Saturday we reported that the HTC Desire HD would not be getting the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update, according to the Canadian carrier Telus the Desire HD 4.0 update was cancelled, and apparently this was due to poor device performance during testing. Good news is that this seems incorrect; we say this because we have seen the official HTC Facebook page stating what devices will be getting the update.

The Facebook message starts off with “Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Center with regards to your inquiry”; this was to answer someone’s question regarding the update. It says that the devices getting the ICS update later this year will include the HTC Amaze 4G, HTC Evo 3D, HTC Rezound, HTC Design 4G, HTC Desire S, HTC Rhyme, HTC 4G+, HTC Incredible S, HTC Vivid, HTC Raider 4G, and the HTC Desire HD, the Desire HD can expects its upgrade between July and August.

HTC also goes on to let customers know that they want you to stay tuned for more updates on upgrades on devices about HTC and Ice Cream Sandwich. Users of the above Android phones will be notified when the upgrade is available, to check for updates please do the following: Menu -> settings -> about phone -> system software updates -> check.

Please let us know what Android device you have and if you are waiting for the Android ICS update.

UPDATE: It is official that the HTC Desire HD is NOT getting the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update, please read more about this here as well as the handsets that are getting it.


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    1. Tom Secreto says:

      According to Sprint a few days ago YES by month’s end. It seems to be connected to tower upgrades that have been going on and the ICS update is supposed to improve the data speeds for both 3G and WiMax.
      This was from a Tech person as well as the Rep. I was speaking with.
      I think we need to forget the BS from all of the rumors from people that really don’t know they are just spreading something that they heard or read. I want the update but the fact is the 2.3.4 that is running on my EVO 3D is great and I want the update to be solid not cause problems I don’t have now.


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