Swipe case for iPhone with integrated cleaning system

If you are anything like me, you are constantly wiping over your smartphone touch screen as soon as a mark appears, a dirty touch screen is something that simply gets right up my nose, but what if you could get a case that could clean your touch screen for you?

Well apparently a report by 9to5 Mac has it that if you are the proud owner of an iPhone, that screen cleaning pain might soon become a thing of the past for the iOS smartphone user anyway, as there is a Kickstarter project under way for the Swipe iPhone case.

Apparently the Swipe case will be for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, and actually features an integrated screen cleaner so you don’t have to fish into your pocket for your hanky or other object to buff up your iPhone display, because the case features a bar that when pushed down swipes across the display and thus cleans it.

Apparently the swiper is a sandwich of self lubricating composite called Delrin and a slim cover of aircraft aluminum, with the Delrin extending into glide channels in the sides of the iPhone case, and covered in micro fiber material, and is completely safe for the iPhone, and the Swipe case is also tripod and other accessories compatible.

Probably the best way to learn all about the Swipe case for iPhone is to head on down and hit the play button on the introduction video we have for your viewing consideration below.

Currently the Swipe iPhone case is looking for funding of $75,000 to get things off the ground, and has thus far managed to gain $2.237 in pledges with just 25-days to run, and will only be funded if the target is reached by the 11th of August.

So if you feel that the Swipe case for iPhone is a case that you could make use of in the real world, and wish to make a pledge you can do so by hitting up Kickstarter.

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