Gokivo app for BlackBerry, advanced GPS navigation system

The day’s when we relied on old fashioned maps went years ago with the availability of Sat Nav’s that are either built into our cars, or purchased as standalone device. Times are changing again though with the explosion of the smartphone market, which has brought a huge range of applications that can offer similar functions at a fraction of the cost. Today we have news of the Gokivo app for BlackBerry, which offers an advanced GPS navigation system.

Gokivo is a free downloadable application that will turn your BlackBerry smartphone into a powerful sat nav tool. The application features audible turn by turn driving directions, maps, and local search just like an advanced GPS navigation system, but inside you handset.

This great application gives users turn by turn directions to any destination, and users can perform a local search by address, postcode, business category, intersection, and then call found locations with a simple press of the send key.

It also features colour maps that have pan and zoom options that will show you where you are located at any given time. That is not all as the application will remember up to 100 of your most recent searches and also save up to 75 of your favourite destinations.

Another great feature of the Gokivo application is that users can easily send BBM messages to other users of the app, which will allow them to easily get to a common meeting place. So if you plan to meet your friends at a new destination you can show them where to meet. Users that have already downloaded the app and have been using it are giving it positive reviews so far, and to download it yourself click here.

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