Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows Phone 8 is promising

Most of you will be pretty much aware that Microsoft is in the process of developing a new operating system that will run on PCs, as well as updating its smartphone OS that is promised to offer a seamless transition between the two platforms. Today we have some news on Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows Phone 8 that looks promising.

The new version of Microsoft Office will be fully enhanced to the Windows Phone 8 platform, and will allow users to go between their computer and mobile phone seamlessly according to an article over at Phone Scoop. The company has taken to putting up a blog post talking about Office 13 and how it will integrate with Windows Phone 8.

This post that can be seen here mainly highlights the cloud-based features of Office 13, but states that the newest version of Microsoft’s suite of productivity software will reach out to mobile devices as well. Microsoft Word will even remember where you are reading on a certain document, and will take you to the same place even when re-opened on another device, such as a Windows 8 smartphone.

It will also be the case with Excel and PowerPoint that will act in a similar way, and the company has also revealed a quick glimpse of the refreshed design of Office for the mobile platform, but hasn’t quite gone as far as showing off the entire consumer facing features. The new operating system is expected to be launched sometime later this year.

Microsoft has also revealed that when you decide to purchase Office you are buying into a subscription, and will be allowed to install the software up to five times on a PC or Mac. For more details about the changes coming in Office click here.