Top 13 customer management apps for mobile devices

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software solution package that has been around since that 1990s. CRM solutions are typically large and complex software packages that often face issues with poor implementation or only partial adoption by business users. In this way, Customer Relationship Management solutions suffer many of the same downfalls in implementation and adoption as Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions. One of the primary pitfalls of these large and complex solutions is their user interface implementation.

A poorly implemented user interface can slow user adoption and acceptance of the software, potentially wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in company implementation costs. Due to this fact, many CRM vendors have been reticent to release mobile tools with limited UI functionality.

In recent years, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have gained popularity among sales and marketing teams, traditional customers of customer management products. Tools to monitor and manage these social media outlets have become very popular and often take the place or augment functionality previously only provided in large enterprise customer relationship management suites.

Here is a list of customer management tools for mobile devices that businesses can make use of to help manage their customers and clients, search your relevant app store provider for the applications listed below.

1. SAP Business ByDesign
— a mobile version of the SAP CRM suite that allows users to manage inventory, create reports on sales and customers and manage client accounts.
2. SAP Business One Mobile Application — this app allows users to access SAP Business One data from their smart phones. With it, they can process approvals, view customer credit limits, receive alerts and more.
3. Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM — Another free app that allows sales staff to access the SAP CRM suite from their mobile devices.
4. Resco MobileCRM — this is a popular app for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. This not only provides a user-friendly interface, but also has a useful SQL Server synchronization feature. At $49.99, this is a very full and robust mobile connectivity app. UPDATE via email: We offer free fully functional application that can be downloaded from App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Marketplace. $49.99 was the old price.
5. CWR Mobile CRM — this is a free app for accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms. This app has been optimized for use by sales staff and service representatives working in the field.
6. TenDigits MobileAccess -this mobile app built for accessing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows users to upload photos and videos taken with their phone.

7. Oracle Mobile Sales Assistant — this is a free app that allows access into the Oracle CRM on Demand platform
8. Oracle Mobile Sales Forcast — another app for the Oracle CRM on Demand suite that allows sales staff to view sales and customer reports.
9. Sugar Mobile — this connects users to the Sugar CRM suite. It works for either the Professional or Enterprise versions of sugar, and allows customers to log calls and view geographic data through integration with Google Maps.
10. Salesforce Mobile — as a mobile user interface app to the popular cloud based CRM solution, Salesforce.com, users can track customer contacts through their phone. Users can also access information concerning account history of current customers and get new lead contacts through the app.
11. Salesforce Chatter — this social networking mobile app allows users to follow customers in a fashion more reminiscent of new social networking sites like Facebook than large enterprise CRM apps.
12. HubSpot Leads — this is an app provided by the marketing firm HubSpot. The purpose of the app is, just as it sounds, meant to track sales leads. When a lead converts into a customer, the app generates an alert. Users can also access and share reporting data on their sales activities.
13. Facebook and Twitter — these apps have proven invaluable to any sales team, and there are many apps that can provide invaluable reporting and analytical data to work hand in hand with these important social media mobile apps.

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