Fujitsu RakuRaku elderly orientated smartphone

When it comes to phones, the smartphone is fairly new tech in the public space, and not all of the elderly understand or use smartphones for one reason or another. Some find it difficult to see the display, and hit the wrong buttons, whilst others simply find the tech in smartphones too advanced to get their head round, although that doesn’t apply to all the elderly of course.

However according to an article over on Ubergizmo, Fujitsu is currently working on a smartphone known as the Fujitsu RakuRaku, which has been designed specifically with the elderly in mind, and is happened to be an Android handset.

Apparently RakuRaku means easier and comfortable, and the smartphone will apparently support a custom user interface with oversized virtual buttons and large text along with large physical buttons, which obviously are better for the elderly.

Furthermore the Fujitsu RakuRaku can apparently distinguish between taps made on purpose and accidental taps. Unfortunately though the RakuRaku smartphone is only for the elderly in Japan, and is due to see release sometime in August, but who knows the smartphone may make it elsewhere in the world at a later date.

We have a video demonstration of the Fujitsu RakuRaku for the elderly in action below courtesy of Networkworld, so don’t forget to head on down and mash that play button to check out the Android handset. Do you think the RakuRaku would be a good smartphone for the elderly in other countries?

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