New iPad makes hush hush debut in China

Usually when a new Apple device makes its bedut in a country its usually followed by quite a bit of attention along with long lines of people queuing up to snap up Apple’s offering; however when it comes to the new iPad making its debut in China, it appears things have been a tad subdued.

According to a report over on Phone Arena, the guys over at the Wall Street Journal are reporting that today the new iPad went on sale in Beijing China, where when the store released the Apple iPad 2 the launch was marred by unruly crowds, but with the new iPad launch just 40 customers quietly lined up to grab the iOS slate.

The 40 customers at the Apple store in Beijing’s Sanlitun shopping and restaurant district silently waiting in a cordon that was surrounded by security and reporters, and the store’s doors opened without incident at 8AM.

The first customer was Ye Huafei, a 34-year old, who had got the new iPad because his mother had taken his to watch TV shows.

The Phone Arena guys suggest that another reason for the lack of any chaos might be that the new iPad has become officially available in China much later than anywhere else in the world.

Still it would appear that the launch of the new iPad in China has been a bit of a hush hush affair rather than the usual rampage of chaotic customers trampling over one another to get the Apple device, or perhaps the iPad is losing its popularity in China.


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  1. Limeberg_1929 says:

    what does it take to wake up the USA on apple products,even China is waking up and can see the apple products are china made,that alone should explain the cheap labor anti USA workers who lost there jobs just so apple can lie to the world that they have a product that breaks the workers life.Apple made in china products shoul’d be banded from  the USA and other country’s that support the  labor laws.Apple does not on alot of there overly priuced high products WAKE UP AMERICA,your cutting your own throats,we nbeed jobs not thiefs.

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