Lose weight via Virtual Gastric Band Surgery Programme app

Many people these days are constantly watching their weight, either for personal reasons such as wanting to look better, or health reasons, but if you have been trying to lose that extra weight without success, and tried numerous diets, perhaps a mobile app will help where other methods have failed. Perhaps hypnosis will help you shed those pounds you are looking to lose. If so, the Virtual Gastric Band Surgery Programme app for iOS devices might be worth considering.

The Virtual Gastric Band Surgery Programme app is for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad is the number one health and fitness iPad app in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and is a step by step hypnotherapy programme to get those looking to lose weight on the road to success.

With the Virtual Gastric Band Surgery Programme iOS app the user will discover how to change their eating habits successfully and permanently, and become a healthier and slimmer person without the risks involved in an operation, with no starvation diet, or calorie counting.

The Virtual Gastric Band Surgery Programme comprises of three recorded hypnotherapy audio tracks, with session one designed to help you change those eating habits, so you can choose more nutritious and healthy foods, and avoid those foods that put on weight. Session two delivers powerful suggestions to speed up weight loss and reprogram the subconscious to get you ready for Virtual Gastric Band Surgery.

Session three is a relaxing session where the user experiences Virtual Gastric Band Surgery, where carefully constructed suggestions, operating theatre sound effects, and specially written music are combined to reprogram the subconscious mind so the user behaves as if they have had a gastric band fitted.

For those iOS faithful out there that might be struggling with weight loss, and would like to give the Virtual Gastric Band Surgery Programme app a try, you can download the application at a cost of £6.99 by hitting up iTunes, and if you do, feel free to let us know if this iOS app works for you.

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