Apple Black Hat Security Conference key security within iOS

The jailbreaking community are held in high esteem by many smartphone users whether it is on the Android platform or iOS, and for the last fifteen years a number of computer hackers have gathered in Las Vegas for the annual Black Hat Security Conference and this year there will be more focus on security within iOS.

As Bloomberg are reporting the event looks at security failures of large companies, but normally Apple are not present at the event. In recent years many major technology companies have begun making a public appearance at the conference except Apple, but this is going to change this coming Thursday.

This is when Dallas De Atley who is the manger of Apple’s platform security team, is set to give a presentation on key security technologies within the iOS operating system. As Black Hat’s general manager, Trey Ford is saying it will be the first time that a representative from Apple has gone on stage at the event.

The news is quite significant as more recently Apple products have lost their image of being hack proof, as the company has grown in size it has become a bigger target for hackers as they have been finding bugs on the iPhone since it was first released in 2007.

Earlier this year over 600,000 Macs were infected with the first major software attack that was focused on Apple PCs. PCs that run Microsoft’s Windows and smartphones running Android are hit more often, but attacks on Apple’s products grab the headlines because of the company’s reputation for security.

The company’s security researchers have discreetly visited Black Hat and other conferences, but back in 2008 a panel of Apple insiders were down to speak about Apple’s security response team, but this was quickly cancelled after the company’s marketing department heard about the plan.

Exactly what will be discussed by Atley is not known but the fact there will be an official Apple presence is quite significant, and that it is giving a slight nod to the hacking community is a big step for the company.

Are you surprised there will be an official presence by Apple?

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