Google Doodle prompts Olympics opening ceremony London 2012 app

The Olympics opening ceremony London 2012 kicks off today at 9pm tonight (27th July), you will see that the Google Doodle today is celebrating this. It prompts us to bring you the best app for mobile device users called ‘London 2012: Official Join In App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games’.

This app is very good indeed and we know because we are using it, not only does it allow you to share your games experience it will also give you the freedom to plan and enjoy as well. Today is going to be one of the most memorable days in the UK and everyone will be watching the ceremony.

This app is content rich for both Android and iOS users, it is the best planning tool for the games and we do recommend it. It does not matter if you have tickets for the games, as this app will keep you right up-to-date with everything. It all starts off with the Olympic Torch Relay then the Paralympics and Opening and Closing Ceremonies, it also covers all the community, city and cultural celebrations happening across the UK.

The application also feature search and filtering tools, it allows users to meet friends with the share and pin on a map feature as well as the ability to add events to personal schedules that also reminds the user.

Key features include: Up-to-date event listings, free events, cultural events, big screens via live sites, hour-by-hour basis what’s happening, what’s happening near you, view the Olympic Torch Relay, street-level routes for 1000+ communities over 70 days, video highlights, Marathon and Road Cycling Race medal event news, access and seating maps, photos, it also includes social commentary, news, Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare integration and so much more.

If you are a Google Android users then you can install this via Google Play, we must warn you that for Android users this app has an initial download is 8MB, but it does require approximately 60-80MB once fully installed. It is compatible with a number of Android devices; please visit the link above to find out more.

For those using the iPhone and iPad, you will need 34.2 MB of free space, for more information please visit the App Store. Talk about the opening ceremony below in our comments area.


One thought on “Google Doodle prompts Olympics opening ceremony London 2012 app”

  1. Gillian_hartshorne says:

    Sorry I don’t usually gripe but I thought the whole thing was far too americanised!

    There were some brilliant moments ie. the Queen joining in on the Bond theme, Mr Bean and of course the cauldron, but where was the real history of our country.  The monarchy through the ages were totally missed. Richard the Lionhart, Henry VIII and his wives, Queen Victoria and King George VI should have been included somewhere and would have provided interest and learning for our children. The monarchy is our history.   They should not have been pushed into obscurity by the massive over emphasis on the achievements of civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

    I also thought Team GB’s outfits for the parade were totally over the top and again very americanised.  Why put the team in white and gold when our flag is red white and blue?  This  gives the impression that we are the golden team when in reality the americans will take most of the medals.

    The smartest team on the parade were most definitely Bermuda.

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