iPhone 5 smuggled out of Foxconn and pictured

As we draw closer to that inevitable day when Apple grabs the entire attention of the tech space, and unveils the next iOS smartphone, obviously more and more rumours hit the net waves, and the latest little rumour is apparently an iPhone 5 has been smuggled out of Foxconn.

According to an article over on Emirates247, by way of Gizmodo, Chinese case maker Coolzonepda, has managed to get hold of an iPhone 5, and has posted images of the iOS smartphone, complete with the new 19-pin connector to their website.

Are the iPhone 5 images the real deal and a unit has been smuggled out of Foxconn? Well it’s not entirely impossible as it wouldn’t be the first time someone smuggled a new iPhone out of a factory, as pictures of an iPhone 4 along with video popped up on a Vietnamese website claiming to have been smuggled out of Foxconn.

That previous smuggled iPhone popped up about a month before Apple delivered the iPhone 4 on the 10th of June 2010, and obviously Foxconn was in mass production before the leaked iPhone 4 hit the net waves. So this latest leak could possibly suggest that the iPhone 5 is already in mass production at Foxconn.

So is Foxconn gearing up for that anticipated October release or sooner? Well as with all things Apple, it is difficult to say for sure, but as we have seen quite a few claimed iPhone 5 parts leaked recently, it could be possible, that is of course if these iPhone 5 images are real.

So what do our readers think about these supposed iPhone 5 pictures, real or fake?


27 thoughts on “iPhone 5 smuggled out of Foxconn and pictured”

  1. Hgfiuhf says:

    if the next iphone is aesthetically similar to the 4 and 4s then apple have lost their touch. I want to impressed with an all new design otherwise I simply wont be interested. 

    1. tommyalmond says:

      They won’t change the design for the sake of it. They change things to make them better, not to make them look different. 

      1. Hgfiuhf says:

        It wouldn’t be for the sake of it, the design is outdated as many of the features are becoming. As other manufacturers begin to rush ahead apple is in danger of falling way behind. Apple sold products by being on the cutting edge of performance and design, but that’s no longer the case. Keeping things the same would only highlight that fact. In fact it is only the app store that keeps apple ahead these days, and Android is catching up fast. 

        1. Gevg says:

          No seriously I would go for the s3 I like the design and spec,bit tired of apples designs now,lost the plot a bit like before and nearly crashed…

  2. Pegman says:

    i do not care if the new iphone looks similar to the iphone 4/4s as its how it performs that matters and it’s features.not how it looks. next the reason it looks like ‘lego’ to quote andrew b is because it is in a case, you muppet!! it could be fake but it equally could be REAL!! i bet you all said fake when gizmodo showed off an iphone 4! somethings in life are as they seem. this is probably real, though it could be part of an apple ploy to stamp down on leaks. time cook recently said they would double down on secrecy, despite apple being more secretive than the cia and nsa and mi6 lol. so only time will tell

  3. Kumarea says:

    its not the new iphone, if it was; then there was new map app icon witch comes with ios 6 and this phone is on charge with out wire. WTF??????????

  4. Edress says:

    I wounder, if apple intended for the leak just recently appls earnings came out and it was not what some had expected. Secondly, apple has been lose grounds to samung, so from apples view point if this is a leak of new iPhone 5 it would be a welcoming news. This will generate lot of positive publicity in light of all the recent bad reviews from analysts.

  5. I don’t think it is a real image but there have been rumours floating that the new iPhone may charge without cables, they were testing the technology a while back and found it was possible to charge devices without cables but not so sure if this will be true with the new iPhone or not.  The connector size looks about right as does the headphone socket which was rumoured to be moved to the bottom which I am not too keen on but we will have to wait until Apple release details about the new iPhone to be sure about anything, at the moment its just speculated rumours and Apple loves to keep its customers in the dark.


    Id say its real. Apple is know for not changing much about their device looks &this fits right in with that with a slight mod that looks like it is there to prevent the device from smashing when it is dropped. This could be on other iPhones not sure because I absolutly hate iPhones. If this is the new iPhone then I have to say Android is poised to take even more customers away from CRapple. Android is niw maki g huge leaps in technology & leaving its competition in the dust. ANDROID IS THE FUTURE – KID ANDROID

  7. ARF7866 says:


  8. HookedOnTabs says:

    Looks like a brick. Why don’t you set it next to a Galaxy S 3 so everyone can see that Samsung DID NOT copy that homely thing. Thank goodness. The term “Ugly Duckling” comes to mind.

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