HTC goes into detail about Desire HD ICS update issues

The one thing that is guaranteed to provide users frustration with the Android platform is the slow and painful process of updating hardware to the latest version of the operating system, and now handset manufacturer HTC has gone into more detail about the Desire HD Android ICS update issues.

The device has been in the news a lot recently that all started when a Canadian carrier first revealed that the Desire HD would not be getting updated to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but then it seemed it would be receiving it only for hopes to be dashed with official news from HTC.

Now Phandroid are reporting that HTC has officially spoken out about the software upgrade, and have provided details why the Desire HD will be missing out. The company originally said that hardware constraints were the reason behind the decision, which left some scratching their heads as many have downloaded an unofficial version of the operating system to their rooted Desire HD’s.

They stated that it had listened to the feedback regarding the decision and fully understood it was controversial, but reckons that how the storage is partitioned on the smartphone was part of the problem.

Android 4.0 needs re-partitioning of a handsets storage and would have meant overwriting users data in order to install on the Desire HD, and while more technically minded users wouldn’t have found this a problem, in HTC’s minds the majority of users would have.

The company continued by saying it looked at ways to reduce the size of the download, but felt this would “impact features and functionality that customers are currently using”. After installing the software onto the handset HTC believed that it “negatively impacted the user experience”, which HTC believes shouldn’t happen with an update.

While HTC offers it apologies for the decision there will still be many owners angry about it, and it would have been nice if the company at least gave users the option of an official release of Android 4.0. Will this news make you decide not to buy an HTC handset again?


16 thoughts on “HTC goes into detail about Desire HD ICS update issues”

  1. Andywasborn says:

    I won’t be buying another htc phone have to rely on them for any future software update. It’s nexus all the way for me next time…

  2. Daleos says:

    HTC are better than most at updates and if the hardware isn’t up to the job I understand if they decide not to upgrade.
    As a hardened techy, I ought to be praising the Nexus route but as I’m slowly but surely developing a pragmatic approach to smartphones these days and I no longer see the necessity of keeping right up at the forefront of OS versions. So, unless there’s a blinding bugfix/security reason to update, I’m happy to just wait until something new crops up or simply buy a new phone when my old one doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

  3. Donovanj1 says:

    HTC makes a nice dependable device, but their lack of support, terrible customer service, and constant flip flopping have totally turned me away from them. I’m ready for an upgrade. It will not be an HTC device.

  4. Mcmek says:

    I for one don’t understand the design of these phones, the Desire HD likes. They put a hardware almost PC-like to a phone with lots of processing power, the like that you don’t actually need to have on the phone. But, they are saving on storage memory. And when the updates need to roll, then they say “sorry guys, your phone has no memory”. I thought the CPU and the GPU, the like that Desire HD has, is more expensive than the storage memory?! On the other hand, this is the excuse all the manufacturers make in order for you to buy a new phone. It doesn’t matter the company. 

  5. Joelbambao says:

    I have been an HTC user since 2009. I owned htc diamond, htc smart, the first desire and currently the desire hd. Will I upgrade to another htc? My answer will be not an android anymore. I don’t say HTC, just not another android. I’m eyeing Nokia pureview 808.

    1. Mushood says:

      nokia is pathetic in sense of a software, it might me user friendly but dnt have good apps and latest requirements are always overlook. be mindfull of doing this. i have a good experience of nokia n8.

  6. DJT says:

    For a handset thats coming up to 2 years old… Its good marketing to allow users to make the choice… My HTC is lovely, I don’t need ICS.

  7. Lou says:

    I’m surprised at those saying they’ve had terrible customer service. My experience of them is that they’ve been super-helpful and friendly, really going out of their way to help.

    My Desire HD was second-hand and I didn’t know if the warranty still applied (it does).

    I think announcing ICS was on its way Aug/Sept then backtracking a few weeks later, isn’t the wisest of PR moves, however. Not enough to put me off a company forever though!

    My phone is still pretty darn good for a nearly 2 year old phone, ICS or not.

    My next one will be the S3, not because HTC have hacked me off, but the lack of expandable memory (One X) is a dealbreaker for me.

  8. John Fegan says:

    Like many others I have found the HTC phone to be excellent but their lack of support has put me off purchasing another one. Next upgrade on my phone is about 6 months away and I will be taking a close look at the performance of the phone manufacturers before I make my next purchase. So far out of the reckoning due to poor service are HTC and Samsung.

  9. Billy Raven says:

    I spent way over my budget for my DHD believing in my naivety in the company and the product. The fact ICS works like a charm on my phone, and my ‘oh-so important personal info’ (backed up and restored using mybackup app) is safe, doesn’t change the fact that my phone is definitely going back to the O2 shop due to major hardware issues. O2’s offer to take my phone in part-x for a new Samsung galaxy has saved my bacon. It also means goodbye (and good riddance) to HTC.
    HTC, you have failed others and myself, in the most greedy selfish way possible. Your company will fail and fall, unless you pull out you fingers and… start to listen AND respect those who are your bread and butter…your customer base…US!
    So, the answer to the above question is:- No.
    No i shall not ever be duped again, not by HTC anyway. What a shame that such a stunning piece of hardware be let down by those that created it.

    P.s. will I get my €650 back? Doubt it ver much….sadly…

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