New Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 is wishful thinking

If you’ve been hearing rumblings over the past few days about a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 smartphone on the way then I’m sorry but we’re about to pour some cold water over this latest conjecture right now. The rumors began with a rendering of a Galaxy Nexus 2 on a concept phone site and although it was clearly marked as a mockup it seems some websites have run with the rumor of a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 on the way. For now at least though, we’d say this is wishful thinking.

The design that kicked the whole thing off was over on Concept Phones, created by Killu-Chan and showed an idea for the Next Galaxy Nexus (or Nexus 2?). If there were to be a Nexus 2 like this mockup design though it appears that it might not be from Samsung as with the original Galaxy Nexus as the styling definitely has some Motorola touches. Specs of this Nexus 2 design included 5-inch Super AMOLED display with resolution of 720p, Corning Gorilla Glass, 32GB of internal storage and HSDPA 42 Mbps connectivity. Other additions were purported to be WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 12-megapixel rear camera with HD video capture, autofocus and LED flash and a 2-megapixel front-facer.

Other killer specs included a 2GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra processor, the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OS and ULP GeForce graphics. However it seems a lot of people got over excited much too quickly and forgot that this was a CONCEPT phone and not the real thing, something they should really have been prompted to remember by the supposed 8GB of RAM! To be fair the design is a beautiful looking handset but even if a Galaxy Nexus 2 eventually appears, it’s unlikely to look anything like this concept idea.

A report on Droid-Life points out that reports have flown about the Galaxy Nexus 2 and in fact if you hear anything about it over the next month or so it’s likely to have stemmed from this mockup rather than any genuine article. However a WSJ report has said that Google is to extend its Nexus program to multiple OEM’s later this year so we’re not about to say that there will definitely not be a Galaxy Nexus 2 by the winter but certainly at the moment we shouldn’t be carried away by news surrounding a mere concept.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Had you already read the latest reports on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 smartphone arising from this mockup? Were you hoping that this was in fact the real deal? Let us know with your comments.


25 thoughts on “New Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 is wishful thinking”

  1. Scott Harkness says:

    It’s a bit of an awkward time to buy a new Android phone, in my opinion. We’re on the cusp of a new generation of processor, and phones like the HTC One X and Galaxy S III have served to whet our appetite for, while scratching the surface of, that next generation of power. Meanwhile, the smooth sailing OS that is Jellybean has many of us interested in the next Nexus device(s).  I imagine it would be in Google’s best interest to release some real information on the next Nexus phone(s) relatively soon, capitalizing on the popularity of the Nexus 7.  I know we’re all salivating over the thought of the best of both worlds when it comes to hardware and operating system, but hopefully we can all keep our heads on straight for the next couple of months and wait for some real news about what will no doubt be some phenomenal devices! Until then, we can all dream lustily of 2GHz quad core processors and 12 megapixel cameras, as long as we come to terms with the reality of the here and now at the end of the day. 🙂

  2. Biverson26 says:

    Pretty cool mock up, but why such a clean from then a huge camera that is incredibly ugly and looks clunky on the back? My 2 cents on the concept.

  3. I have a feeling the newest Nexus phone will be out in November like originally rumored.  I think it will be the first quad core LTE phone in America.  I believe Samsung got it working in Korea, so you know the next Flagship Nexus phone will be from Samsung.  I also think that Motorola possibly, will make a Nexus phone but more of an entry level phone that offers the Pure Android experience.  And then the rumor of the 5 Nexus devices by November 5th will be true, because I believe the Nexus 10 tablet will also be unveiled November 5th.  So you’ll have the 2 Nexus phones, the Nexus Q, the Nexus 7 and 10 tablets.  Or I could be an idiot and be completely wrong but it’s wishful thinking!!!  Lol

    1. Kamensyder says:

      i like the way you think, very optimistic but somewhat still realistic; if they really did have a whole ordeal like this one i would probably nut everywhere until my body dried out like a raisin. 

      1. Marsg says:

        I  would rather have Sony make it, Sony is leading in the camera / audio department and that’s where the nexus is lacking so it would be perfect but Asus also makes awesome devices   

  4. Miguelfa1 says:

    I will love to se this phablet become true. The desing looks great and for the aspects inside it will be a super phone. Please Google add a memory card slot that is one of the things that you always missing to to put in your devices. Thanks 🙂

  5. Marsg says:

    the specs are way too high, people have to remember that the nexus devices aren’t top of the line when they are released they mostly are built to introduce a newer version of android with that said a more realistic list of specs would be Qualcomm s4 chip, 8 mp camera, 720p display, 1gb  RAM, 16-32 gb storage, no micro sd slot      

    1. Jon1123 says:

      what are u talking about? the nexus s was the best when it released, the galaxy nes had a faster cpu then the galaxy s2 better screen and batery when it rleased, it was also much better than the iphone 4s, and the nexus 7 is hands down and was he best 7 inch tab to date. so stop talking out of your ass.

  6. Astro says:

    im just going to wait until later this year to upgrade to a new Phone only because i know something big is going to release from Android. give us the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 and ill be very happy!

  7. Brandon J. Cook says:

    raise of hands if you’d drop any amount of money if Google made this fantasy a dream come true by the end of fall 😀
    besides Google would probably offer a great deal on the epic piece of hardware like it did with Nexus 1

  8. Austin K. says:

    I think a 12 mp camera on a phone would be absolutely incredible, 8 mp really does justice. And 2ghz quad core processor would be incredible as well. Just hoping the resolution would be 1080p HD. Google is fantastic, and if they want to make the best phone, I really think they’re on the right track.

  9. The guy in the know says:

    Rumore has it There will be 3 nexus phones out next. There is a list on the xda sites of an xperia nexus, optomus nexus and a galaxy Nexus 2!

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