Top 7 Apps for the London 2012 Olympics

Here are some great apps that will help you enjoy this summer games, the London 2012 Olympics is keeping millions on the edge of their seats to see who wins Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. Below you will see 7 apps covering the Olympics and all you need to do is search the App Store or Google Play with the title of each app. (The app name is in bold above the description)

BBC Olympics
Watch clips from the different sports events and get yourself updated with the latest medal tally. This app has the ability to use the location that you have set on your phone to help you personalize content and support your home team. Follow updates, news, commentaries, and everything else that will help you get informed with the progress of the games.

London 2012: Results
This is the official app that will show the results of each of the events and provide an official medal tally throughout the duration of the games. You can opt to view the results day by day or according to sports events.

London 2012: Join In
This app has the complete list of events that are happening in the Olympics and there are maps and directions for anyone who may want to watch these games in their respective venues. There are also photos and news articles about the games. Free for iOS and Android.

London 2012 Official Mobile Game
The Olympic athletes are not the only ones who are in the games but you can also participate too! With this mobile game app, you can enjoy the Olympic games such as hurdles, archery, jumping, and swimming. You can play these games in the replica of the actual venues in London. You can feel how it is to train and feel how it is to win that elusive gold medal! Free for iOS and Android.

NBC Olympics Live Extra
This is an app that will enable anyone to watch the Olympics live and for free. There will be simulcasts of the games that you view on your phone or your tablet, aside from just the television. Download free for iOS and Android.

NBC Olympics
You may not be able to watch the Olympics due to work or school but you can certainly check the latest updates, news, photos, videos, and medal standings. This app is great for that and you can also check profiles of the athletes from your home country to help you cheer them on!

Supporting your own team is great but you can also see what others are up to in terms of their support for their own home team. This app can help you navigate and see tweets, status updates, photos, videos, and other location tagged media that are related to the London 2012 Olympics.

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