Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile gets root without affecting flash counter

If you are one of those that like to tinker with your smartphone, and happen to own a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3, it appears you can now root the smartphone with custom recovery along with out affecting the flash counter and voiding your handset’s warranty, and still using Odin.

According to a report over on International Business Times, the guys over at XDA-developers have come up with a way to achieve the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 root that works on a single file from the rooted stock image file root66, and users will have to flash this file over Odin with Auto Restart and F Time Reset options enabled.

Apparently the rooting procedure is for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile, Wind, and Mobilicity, and will not work on other models.

What you do is extract the root66 tar file from the .7z file, and then put your Galaxy S3 into download mode, connect to a PC and launch Odin. When Odin has loaded, click the PDA field and select the root66 tar file, and leave Auto Reboot and F Reset Time ticked, and then click start, once done let your handset reboot.

You can stop there if you only want a stock rooted handset without custom recovery, otherwise you can now install ClockworkMod Touch recovery for the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 by hitting up here.

Obviously as always anyone attempting to root their device should take the precaution of backing up their data before doing so just in case things do happen to go a little wrong. However, if you do fancy giving it go, you can grab all the necessary by heading over to XDA-Developers, and feel free to let us know how it all goes.


4 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile gets root without affecting flash counter”

  1. Woodford253 says:

    I am a smartphone virgin I love my galaxy s 3 for all the great normal stuff it does camera, apps, sharp sik tturf on video etc but wot is this rooting add flashing over drives and wot not wot Benefits will it do to the phone and how do I do it

  2. Reneq427 says:

    what is exactly the point of rooting a phone? i might sound like a rookie, but i really dont know. What are the benefits of having your phone rooted?

    1. exeot says:

      Custom roms, ad blocking, tweaking system settings. The general key is: 
      normal unrooted android phone= jailbroken ipod
      rooted android phone>jailbroken ipod
      You don’t need to root to have alternative homescreens or file access on android, but many hardcore apps require superuser access to function. Not needed if you are already happy.

  3. disqus_vjI2IC7WLW says:

    Omg I in galaxy s3 heaven my phone is overclocking at 1.7 ghz deleted all bloatware and with 60 APPS running still not using 500 mb of ram oooh and I’m running 4.1 Rom with a WORKING Google wallet mod…I love my s3

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