Google Wallet app play nice with all cards

In this day and age more people are using their smartphone to pay for things when out and about rather than opting to hand over the cash, and if you are one of the Android faithful you might be using the Google Wallet app, which basically turns your Android device into your wallet, and new there is a new version of Google Wallet available.

According to an article over on Google Commerce, the latest cloud based version of the Google Wallet app plays nice with all credit and debit cards such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Discover so the user can use any card when shopping online or in store.

And with this latest version of the Android app, users can remotely disable their mobile wallet app from their Google Wallet account on the net.

To use the Google Wallet app in store all the user does is select the card they wish to use then simply tap your Android handset to any contactless point of sale terminal, and the info is then transferred by NFC of course, and once complete you will see a transaction record along with the merchant name and cash amount pop up on your device.

You’ll find a promo video below that lets you know all about Google Wallet, and for those Android faithful out there that are not already using the Google Wallet app, you can of course download the application for free by hitting up Google Play, although you do have to be in the United States to make use of the app.