HTC One X AT&T Android ICS update disables root

The saying it is too good to be true is definitely within this one here, the HTC One X AT&T version is now ready for the Android Ice Cream update but with a little twist that should sway your mind into installing or not.

The new software number 2.20.502.7 and one that changes the Android number to 4.0.4 aka ICS is now available, but there is a little twist so please keep reading to find out why, oh the suspense. The main change with this upgrade is the way the recent apps key behaves on the HTC One X, there was a little problem that annoyed a few customers where it lacked a hardware menu button, and then the operating system would show a soft menu key at the bottom of the screen in apps that were not optimized for the Holo theme.

This new update allows the user to use the recent app button as the menu button, not only that, it comes with three choices, it will let the users open the recent apps just like before, or you can opt for the application menu to open with a press, as well as the recent apps list with a long press or vice versa.

This new update is a 270MB download ready and waiting for you, it will give your HTC One X the much loved Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, some are saying you should not be too hasty in downloading this because it could disable root. Yes it will fix the menu button problem that many customers have complained about, but it has been advised to stay away from Android 4.0.4 just for now.

Android Police reports that this OTA update to Android 4.0.4 does eliminate the Menu Bar and provides users with Remapping Options, but it can potentially close root. Some users are already seeing an improved multitasking experience, but we want to hear from other readers if they have tried this new update yet, anything you can tell us would be much appreciated.


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  1. Prashanth Ruthala says:

    8.5 Hrs since I unplugged my HOX and I’m at 81% of my battery level. I usually drop down to ~60-65% by now. Looks like my battery life has improved with the update. 

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