2012 Olympic medal count and results for iPhone

Saturday 4th August was an amazing day for medals for multiple countries, the 2012 Olympic medal count and results looks really good at the moment with United States of America in first place with 26 gold’s, 13 silver and 15 bronze bringing their total to a cool 54 medals.

People’s Republic of China have 53 medals in total with 25 gold, 16 silver and 12 bronze, and Team Great Britain are doing very well in third place with 29 medals consisting of 14 gold’s, 7 silver and 8 bronze. The medal count is changing all the time and we would like you to be up-to-date with all to do with the London Olympics 2012 as well as the medal count and results etc, this is where we will let you know about a few iPhone apps that will do so.

The first application is called “Olympic Medal Alerts” by International Olympic Committee, this is an app well worth having on your iPhone and can be found via the App Store (iTunes). It will allow users to keep track on all the goings on at the London Olympics, maybe you want to know all about the Olympic gymnastics, or the swimming, but the most important is the official ‘Games Medal Alert’ feature within this app.

Olympic Medal Alerts automatically let’s you know within an instant when a medal is won in whatever favourite sport, by an athlete, as well as by National Olympic Committee (NOC) or team that you follow.

The app is very good in itself but even better than that it is free, main features include; see upcoming medal events, check out recent results, details of all upcoming events, register to receive alerts via email or text/SMS when a medal event takes place and so much more.

The next app is called “London 2012: Official Results App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games”, the Official London 2012 Results app keeps you on track with all the latest news, results and Olympic schedules, which means the iPhone user gets all the live action across all sports. Key Features include coverage of all 36 sports, events in progress, live real-time results, the ability to share with friends, many photos added each day and so much more such as viewing the overall Olympic medal count when they are awarded. For more information please visit iTunes.

Our final app for you is by Hills Interactive and can be found on the App Store (iTunes), this one is called “Medal Alerts – Final Podium Results”, this one provided real-time push notifications for all 32 final podium events, what we like is the fact that when a gold, silver or bronze medal is awarded for your favourite country or event the results will be pushed to your iPhone. The app is simple and all you need to do is launch the app, then subscribe to one or more of the 175+ participating countries or 32 events and then configure your sleep settings if you like.

Please let us know what your 2012 London Olympics highlight so far is? You may like to check out the BBC and NBC apps covering the Olympics 2012.

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