Angry Birds Space Red Planet video taster

I’m pretty sure the whole world knows that at some point today the Mars Curiosity rover will land on Mars, and this event seems to have pushed the makers of the hugely popular multi-platform mobile game Anger Birds to deliver a little teaser video of their next major update to the Angry Birds series called Angry Birds Space: Red Planet.

Naturally we have that video teaser for our Angry Birds fans out there in the mobile space, which comes our way courtesy of the guys over at iDownload Blog, which lasts just half a minute, and doesn’t really reveal any details about this next update.

Obviously it is something to do with Angry Birds Space and of course the red planet, which we all know is Mars, and no doubt will still have differing Angry Birds launching at green pigs, or perhaps we will get to see red Martian pigs this time round, who knows.

Although the word is some have stated Angry Birds is nearing its sell by date after passing a billion downloads back in May, apparently Rovio has announced a new pigs game is on the cards at some point in the future.

Word is Angry Birds Space: Red Planet is expected to release on iOS at some point this fall, and will probably cost the iOS gamer. Whilst there is a good possibility that shortly after hitting iOS, Angry Birds Space: Red Planet will also hit Android, and hopefully like the other Rovio games will become available for free.

Still until then, you can of course head on down and hit that play button to check out the Angry Birds Space: Red Planet teaser video…enjoy.

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