Hotmail to Outlook.com for Android

You may or may not be aware that Microsoft has basically retired Hotmail and has rebooted Hotmail as Outlook.com, and word is already a million people have signed up for the new service, whilst Outlook.com’s UI will mesh with Windows 8, but it does show text based ads, and if you want an ad free screen you need to shell out an annual fee of $19.99 for what is still known as Hotmail Plus.

According to a report over on Macworld, Outlook.com can be used on a smartphone or tablet, Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and Outlook.com can sync to your smartphone or another computer via Exchange ActiveSync, and also syncs with Outlook 2013, which is the email client of Office Suite 2013.

Outlook.com delivers integrated access to Microsoft’s Office Web apps, which are cloud based version of Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Excel, enabling the user to view, edit and save within the browser.

If you use Outlook.com you can still keep your old addresses, ending with hotmail.com, live.com, and msn.com whilst switching to the new UI, and at some stage in the game Microsoft will force everyone to use Outlook.com, although there is no public time line for this, but Microsoft has stated that once the preview wraps up, they will upgrade users to Outlook.

So how does an Android user get Outlook.com on their Android smartphone or tablet? Well it’s fairly simple really, you can either hit up the Outlook.com website via your browser, or alternately download the Hotmail Android app from Google Play.

Are any of our Android toting readers using OutLook.com now, and if so what do you think of the new user interface, do you like it or do you prefer the old Hotmail look?

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