RIM patent infringement verdict overturned

You may or may not be aware that last month BlackBerry maker Research In Motion was found to have infringed on a device management tech patent owned by Mformation, and subsequently the Canadian handset and tablet maker was hit with a rather hefty $147.2 million fine in damages. However it now appears that RIM will not have to shell out that large bundle of cash.

A reports over on Slash Gear has it that the judge presiding over the case has decided that evidence that was submitted by both Mformation and Research In Motion didn’t support the jury’s findings of patent infringement, and after considering both motions along with the verdict, the judge determined RIM doesn’t infringe on the aforementioned patent.

After which the judge vacated the $147.2 million fine along with the jury, and as such the BlackBerry maker is no longer require to make any payments to Mformation, something that RIM is obviously considerable pleased about.

The chief legal officer for Research In Motion, Steven Zipperstein has said in a statement that the firm appreciates the judge’s careful consideration in this case, and followed with “The purpose of the patent system is to encourage innovation, but the system is still too often exploited in pursuit of other goals.”

Of course Mformation still has the option to appeal the overturning of the decision, however, that would rather than reinstating the overturned damages fine, would lead to another trial to resolve the matter.

Still it’s quite nice to see someone finally come out of a patent infringement case without being hit for a whopping bundle of cash in fines. Now if only Apple and Samsung could come to an agreement to sort out their patent infringement problems, perhaps they could get back to delivering exceptional products, but then that would be asking too much wouldn’t it?

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