Angry Birds gets pink bubble blowing bird: video

The other day we posted an article on a mysterious new female character coming to the popular multi-platform game Angry Birds, and at the time it wasn’t known if that new character would be a bird or green pig, and we presumed this new character would make its debut in the new Angry Birds Space: Red Planet game. However, the game maker has now release a video of the new female character, and we have that footage for all our Angry Birds fans out there.

The character turns out to be a new addition to the Angry Birds, simply called Pink Bird, and the video footage of Pink Bird in action comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Ubergizmo, and shows off how cunning Pink Bird can be against those pesky thieving green pigs.

It turns out that Pink Bird will be making her debut in an update to Angry Birds Seasons, and sports long eyelashes and blue eyes, and appears to be the most deceptive of the Angry Birds by using the power of bubbles to deceive the green pigs, enabling Pink Bird to blow egg shaped bubbles to show just how stupid those pesky pigs really are.

It’s not clear as to just when the updated Angry Birds Seasons staring Pink Bird will become available to Angry Birds fans, as Rovio has only stated that it is coming soon, and it’s not too clear how Pink Bird will actually fit into the scheme of bashing those pigs.

Still, until such times as Rovio release the update to iOS and Android fans, you can head on down and mash that play button to check out the new Pink Bird in action…enjoy.