Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release needs more thinking

The next big screen smartphone instalment is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the first one was a success in the eyes of the many but will the “successor be a success or not?” Some have described the first Note to be a Phablet, which is crossed between a phone and a tablet due to the size of the display screen, it is the size of the screen that brings us to the questionable excitement.

We have to admit that the Galaxy Note was a little surprise to say the least, back in June the Note sales exceeded 7 million units around the world with the hope to sell 10-million units by the end of the year, ok this is no where near the Samsung Galaxy S3 numbers but then this is a much superior phone. To some the iPhone 4S is the perfect size handset, but we know through experience that Android users love the bigger display, but the Note 2 with a 5.5-inch screen is too large surely?

We have already talked about the Galaxy Note 2 raises questions as excitement mounts, but we would like to look further into the ‘release needs more thinking’. We personally thought the Galaxy Note would be a flop but we was mistaken, it has done well on the sales front, it now looks like there is a market for such a device and the Note 2 will most probably be welcomed with open arms. Samsung is planning on selling the Galaxy Note from August 29th and it has been rumoured to come with a 5.5-inch flexible AMOLED display, resolution of 1280 x 720, 13-megapixel camera, LTE connectivity, quad-core Exynos processor and 1.5GB of RAM, its predecessor has a 5.3-inch display.

Are you really interested in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? We here at Phones Review have asked many people if they would buy one, some of them said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is too big with its 4.8-inch display so a screen of 5.5-inches is just getting a little stupid, but then funny enough we asked a few Android only users what they think and they swear by the bigger screen option. We found it very hard indeed asking mobile devices users what they think of the Galaxy Note 2 because of course iPhone users and Android users will stick up for their side, we have been asked by both iPhone and Android users if they should get the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and to tell you the truth this is a very hard question to answer and we are not ready to put our heads on the chopping block just yet.

We here at Phones Review personally do not like the big screen smartphone, but we cannot count out that we will not in the future, yes the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a stunning device with its 4.8-incher, but 5.5-inches is heading towards a tablet if you ask us. We also like the Nexus 4.6-inch display but we still believe this is just too big to be called a smartphone, the iPhone 5 has had many rumours suggesting a 4.65-inch screen and we believe they should just leave this alone and stick to the size of the 4S, is Apple going bigger to house the smart within?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will no doubt be a powerhouse of a phone, and the specs within will have consumers in awe, but we still feel that it will not be as successful as the SGS3 or the iPhone unless the new Samsung phone opts for the multiple carrier list.

The Samsung Unpacked Event will kick of in Berlin, Germany on August 29th, which means a launch in United States will come a few weeks later. The most talked about Android operating system is Jelly Bean 4.1 and this should be running on the Galaxy Note 2 upon release, putting ICS on board with a Jelly Bean update at a later stage would be silly.

The confusing part is that the Samsung galaxy Note 2 is expected to be announced on August 29th, and the iPhone 5 is expected to be announced on September 12th with a release sometime in September, this is surely a little too close for comfort and we say Samsung is taking a major risk releasing to soon to the iPhone 5. If the next-generation Apple smartphone releases with 4G LTE, a bigger display, bigger camera and a new design then we know for a fact that the Galaxy Note 2 will not stand a chance in comparing sales.

Yes the Galaxy Note 2 will be a success and beat its predecessors sales, but releasing to close to the iPhone 5 is pure stupidity at its best, personally release the Note 2 a few months after the iPhone 5 and let it die down a little then smack the market hard with advertising, marketing magic and watch the sales ramp up. Samsung will still sell the Note 2 in its millions, but we say be careful and take a few steps back and wait for the competition to slow down.

The big Samsung Galaxy Note 2 really does bring the case of questionable excitement, millions will be very exited indeed but this will be short lived if Sammy does not release at the right time.

Let’s take a look at a few comments our previous Galaxy Note 2 article had

One reader said:
If people say that the 5.5-inch screen is too big then they are complete idiots, they then go on to say Phones are no longer even really used for making and receiving phone calls, moreso they are media consumption devices. Even a lot of the phone calls that are made are video calls nowadays, in which the larger 5.5 inch screen is a distinct advantage, and that the iPhone 5 will be blown out of the water by the more superior Galaxy Note 2.

Another reader mentions: I will wait as long as it takes to get the Galaxy Note 2.

We say that those wanting the Galaxy Note 2 are not even contemplating getting the iPhone 5, some are even saying they are sick of Apple telling them what they can or cannot do and will opt for the Note 2.

Please do let us know if you will be getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? If you have anything to say please do visit our commenting area provided below


90 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release needs more thinking”

  1. Wasbikebloke says:

    I’ll be waiting to compare both but I think I’ll end up getting the note 2. The iPhone is so outdated with a screen hat is far too small for media…..it needs to improve a lot!!!,!

  2. johndog says:

    Get over it with the IPhone comparisons. the note is not trying to compete with the Iphone. Samsung alone sells more phones than Apple. Android is now more than 68% of the smartphone market. Apple has done the same thing with phones as their computers, not let people do what they want to do with their devices. Who cares what Apple does with the 5. It won’t matter to the majority of smartphone users.

    1. They are trying to compete with the iphone 5 I’ll tell you that’s a surety because if one is to look at the announce – release dates of the SGN and compare them to the announce – release dates of the SGN2 you would see it…its so blatant.

      1. crazy guru says:

        really!!!!!!!! wow ur son use i phone that’s cool .b’coz u i phone is for kids not for men..heavily priced,can’t personalize and they think they are always the boss around…that’s why apple & i phone sucks dude……….

  3. android user says:

    I just want the note 2 on sprint …..the sales are going to be there for all carriers if they do that ,the size to me is just right because I can’t see myself having a tablet with a data plan that I can’t make calls on

  4. gator says:

    Samsung has done pretty well with their marketing and timing so far. My opinion is 180 degrees from those mentioned here. I think it smart to introduce a new competitor just as the Ip5 is being released. Why let potential buyers be tempted by another’s product. While it’s doubtful any phone can sway an Iphone fan to jump ship some android users may catch a case of upgrade fever. Personally I think the Note or Note 2 are a good size. I want a screen as large as I can reasonably fit into a pocket or wear on a belt with an Otterbox case. My voice communication comprises a very small portion of the total I use my phone for and the other uses, that will benefit tremendously from a large screen, far outweighs it’s pure phone capabilities.

  5. Jay D says:

    I dont think the strategy of waiting a few months after the Iphone release would be a great idea. The sooner the better, since most sign another two year agreement.

  6. ianmalik says:

    I was on the verge of buying a Galaxy S3 until I realized how close the Note 2 release is – I will definitely wait for it and the pending release of the iphone 5 means nothing. Did it ever occur to your author that Sammy may have their own sales strategists to determine the best time to launch??!!

    1. Same here! I bought my galaxy note around christmas time last year in december after it was released in 2011 october. Then I saw the Galaxy s3 and I told myself “too small” even though its just a half inch smaller lol. So I passed, just hoping that a smartphone brand(doesnt matter) brings out another tabphone but faster than my galaxy note. And here samsung(same brand as before) answered my call.
      Though I must say its a bit earlier than last year…by about a month. The Galaxy note was announced 2011 september and released october same year but this year its being announced in august and would be released in september. Its blatantly clear that samsung is declaring war with apple in this SGN2 vs IP5 saga otherwise they would have stuck with the “announce september, release october” cycle but thats just my opinion where that is concerned.

      Galaxy Note 2 is the only choice I have….unless other smartphone brands make better phablets. Going back to a screen size of less than 5.0 is like going back in time to when thick ibricks with 3.5 inch screens were in style and fads took preeminence over functionality.

  7. Waiting to release the note 2 would mean no making fun of apple commercial on ip5 launch lol. I’m 6.4 the device fits me i understand how the phone might be to big for some people. Ill buy another iphone when apple does 5.5 inches now that android os is caught up. Apple could tell me what i could have when they had the best device. Now im angry and have a better option good job apple.

  8. andyfordays says:

    Get over it kid, Samsung is the smart phone king and calls the shots right now. I think Apple will be more worried about releasing their first phone without Steve Jobs and are preying the phablet doesn’t ruin the party. The iphone 4s is currently a laughably little phone and when you’re a shop with the 4s, SIII, One X, Note lined up next to each other the 4S looks like a joke. Apple need to go big or go home.

  9. Ajay says:

    Iphone 5 would definitely outsell Galaxy note 2 by several times and also would create a massive euphoria but it wont provide you with a experience that only a note can give you. I bet if the author, who seems to be is a Ifan to use a GN2 for a month would never like to go back to micro 3.5″ or 4″ iphone. As a ex iphone user the size of GN1 took me a few hours to get accustomed to but after that that it was just a party. And what ever iphone 5 would be I wont even think twice before buying a GN2.

  10. fdperk says:

    Iphone5 and Note two are not direct competitors. They address two different sets of users… If anything the note canabalizes Galaxy S3 sales (larger screen) rather than iPhone. But I beleive that Samsung is bent on winning the smart device wars by providing customers with hardware choices to fit their individual tastes.
    I am a Galaxy Nexus user and am excited about the new note. My “large” screen phone is my mobile media device (phone is among the least used functions). Due to the larger screen size I have no need for a tablet. However, a larger pocketable display is always welcome…

  11. Chris H says:

    I am an Android user but I cannot say that I haven’t wanted to wait for the iPhone5 to see what it’s all about. However, with Apple’s childishness in court vs Samsung, I have no intention to further help their company. They are like whiny little brats. I digress… I LOVE the GS3 but the larger screen size of the Note 2 makes much more sense to me. The S-Pen is a great feature that I would probably use on a daily basis for productivity. The iPhone is great for people who just want a phone to text and take pictures of themselves in front of the mirror.

  12. The author lost all credibility with the phrase “…wait for the competition to slow down.” Come on now, when will anything slow down in the world of mobile communications? Notice I didn’t say “the world of mobile phones?” It’s because the Galaxy Note (and soon the Note 2) have morphed phones into tablets. I no longer see the device I carry around as a phone, but rather something to communicate with the world and occasionally use to make phone calls. So while the iPhone will continue to dominate the mobile phone market and the iPad will dominate the tablet market, the public is best served by having a choice of products that meet their needs. Samsung understands this completely. Hurray for technology! (P.S. I have been a Mac user for 20+ years.)

    1. johndog says:

      The Iphone is no longer dominating the market. Samsung is the major player followed by iphone. Overall the iphone has dropped to less than 20% marketshare.

  13. KnightXander says:

    Honestly guys, lets be clear. Lets look at the differences between samsung and iphone. Samsung gives the end user what he/she NEEDS. iPhone may look sexier, but its heavy, its fragile, you cant view flash, no fm radio, and impossible to personalize (thats just off the top of my head). In definitive, people with no personality will go for iPhone, those with a brain will go for samsung. I hope I resumed it well enough.

  14. ItsAdam says:

    Gotta say iPhones have pissy little tiny screens they’re a real crap thing to use. I’ve got a S2 and when I went to use my dads iPhone 4 to setup gmail for him I was like “Whoa this is tiny”.

    The iPhone size will appeal to many, but for me a Note2 sounds perfect, most people use their mobile for more of a tablet than a mobile phone anyway. I’ve got a Nexus 7, but it would be nice to have a more tablet sized screen on the move.

  15. Cory says:

    Why I wan’t the Note 2 > Iphone 5.
    Display size, Yah I’m 6’2 and have big hands the iphones feel puny to me being used to my GS2.
    Android I don’t mind apples OS for smart phones and tablets but lets be realistic. Unless apple puts its name on it, it’s not going to be going on your phone. Atleast not without a long list of to -do’s and installs on your pc.
    Stylus, these are handy and especially well stowed on the Galaxy note. Cant imagine it would be any worse on the GN2.
    No need for two devices, Why own an iPad and an iPhone when you can just have a Galaxy Note 2?
    Ability to upgrade battery, Yes it’s a big phone and adding a battery to it makes it bigger. But it also makes it a hell of a lot more usefull when you can get a full day of usage out of a 5000mah battery rather than 2 hours of power rationing out of a 1400 mah offered in the iPhone.
    SD slot, I cant impress how handy these are on iPhone owners. Because well, they never really have had one.
    Does it look silly holding a huge phone? Well if you’re 4’11 this thing looks like you’re holding an iPad to your face. When you’re 6’2 this size is pretty relative to the iPhone. So us bigger folks with chubby fingers and aging squinting eyes are relieved that we have a product that ergonomically suits us much better than the iPhone.
    I have had an iPhone and when it came out it was awesome. But it’s form factor and usability for me atleast never really upgraded past the iPhone 3. The competition caught up and right now in my eyes is superior in all regards save one and that’s customer service and “status”
    The galaxy note 2 in my eyes will have all the advantages over the iPhone 5 including one that is really measurable mathematically and that’s price.
    Of course iPhone users are so wealthy that if you even have to ask for the price on a phone well you’re just not playing cool.

    1. Art says:

      Agree, I am 6’4″ and 75. I want a device I can see and use in my real estate biz
      . I love my Nexus and would love to have the Note or Note II. Appearance is important. the only apple phones I see are all wrapped up in protection – I assume they break easily. Why pay for a thin phone and then pay again for a cover to protect it. I carry my Nexus in a shirt pocket and have dropped it a couple of times with no ill effects.

  16. Waiting4theNote2 says:

    No phone is absolutely perfect for anyone let alone for all, each model and brand has their own niche in the consumer population.
    And I agree with most of the posts, the Note 2 and the Iphones are in different categories and would not be in competition with each other, except to those who are looking to change their personal preference anyway.
    I personally am waiting for the Note 2, I currently carry a smartphone (android) and a tablet (HP Touchpad).
    Although the size of the Note 2 may be cumbersome to carry around, but its ideal for me since I commute via subway in NYC and read a lot.
    The size is its greatest asset and weakness, those of us who are willing to deal with its obvious oversizeness in the pocket will remain faithful to the “phablet”.

  17. Dan Hoover says:

    You just dont get it. There is really not one population out there. For many the cozy 4″ iFones will be great, but not by far for many others. Had contract end and thot to wait for the S3, and when it was out the comparison to the Note made me slow down. Pre-announcement of the N2 made the decision a no brainer.

  18. cwright2937 says:

    I was getting ready to buy a s3 but then seen the Note2 would be out soon so i will. Wait for the note 2!!! As far as being so close to iphones. I don’t see the issue. Alot of people that i know that was on the iphone train has slowly been dieing off. I’ve had a Samsung phone for 11 years now and never will change. Bring on the competition!!

  19. “but releasing to close to the iPhone 5 is pure stupidity at its best,”
    People are ready for an upgrade, if something that has better specs becomes available before the Iphone 5 then it should get more sales. Or for people like me, who are not 15 year old girls… itunes is single handedly driving me to leave all apple related products. They are pleasing to look at, but over priced and outdated at release.

  20. Tim says:

    The 6.5 inch edge to edge mutimedia device is perhaps only one year away, a better camera with an optical zoom. What more do you need!? In the 1990’s
    when I went on holiday I always had a pocket tv a shortwave radio, walkman, cell phone, camera and a primitive GPS gadget and I still bought newspapers and magazines. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could become the ultimate gadget.

  21. soulsmilen says:

    iPhone family member here, and tired of the small screen. I don’t know where you got your Apple 4.65″ screen info, but all current speculations and leaked parts point to right at 4″, give or take .01. That is laughable, and I’m not the only iPhome user that thinks this. I know many more Apple users going to Android than Android going to Apple. Someone said it already… Those with personality will choose Android.
    As for the SGN2… No-brainer! Phone usage is dwindling, communication device is a much better term. And with Bluetooth, even phone calls are fine with large screen for those who think it’s too big. Between the internet, video streaming, and GPS, which is common usage for many, larger is not only better, but a must.

    Give this 5’2″ gal a SGN2 anyday!

  22. Bgor Chu says:

    Anyway, I still prefer larger screen like the Galaxy Note.
    Though its screen 5.3 inches but its fairly comfortable with my hand.
    So 5.5 is no problem for me too, should it upgraded to Quad Core phone!
    On the other hand, I definitely will not consider iphone.

  23. TXSOUTHPAW says:

    I am a current Iphone user and have been for nearly 5yrs, and its time for a change, at one time I thought the Iphone was the last phone I would ever want, but I guess thats what progress and future is all about. Changes n upgrades

  24. I think comparing the GN2 with the iPhone5 is missing the point: I bet many iFans carry around an iPhone (too small) AND an iPad (too big and heavy) whereas the GN2 gives you the flexibility of a ‘phablet’ with a big screen in a light, pocketable form factor.

  25. socalfer says:

    I have an Iphone 4s and a few 4 ,since I saw my neighbor’s Samsung Note, I have decided to get the Note II as soon as available,if I’m happy with it ,all of my company phones shall be replaced for Notes.Apple is too restrictive and I’m tired of it.

  26. Galaxyman says:

    I have recently purchased a gslaxy note, n I am very pleased, n got a good deal paying less than than £17 a month on a 24 month contract with 100 mins(which I wont use),unlimited texts, n 750 MB data. I’m tempted to get the S3 to compliment the 1Note. Daft as it may sound i may sell the 1 note n get the 2 if the contract is reasonable.

  27. Renzo Fernandez says:

    I actually did purchase a Samsung galaxy note this July, but then I realized that it had been a few months since it was released, so I did some research to see when the Samsung galaxy note 2 would be released. To my surprise, I saw that it was going to get released in just a few months. I did further research and I saw that it is going to have a screen that is 0.2 inches larger than its predecessor. I also saw that it would have a higher megapixel camera, but I am dumbfounded to see that the galaxy note 2 will have a 720p video capture as opposed to the first galaxy note that had 1080p.

    1. ida says:

      Where did you saw that? I have never read that anywhere and I have been reading rumors for a month…It will record 1080p downgrading that would be just stupid.

  28. Kevin says:

    as soon as the note 2 is released i’ll get it.
    as another reader said, that nowadays phones are entertainment devices in which i see an advantage for the note 2 due to it’s larger screen

  29. Philip Andrews says:

    I already own a Galaxy Note, and will derfiinitely be buying the Galaxy Note 2 – absolutely love the large screen. I makes listing things on ebay so easy (as an example) – you take a picture of the item(s), and then when you are bored in the queue for the bank, or whatever you list it. I’ve put 7 items in just since downloading the app (that I just couldn’t get round to before) and have just netted £51 in sales, and there’s still another 3 items to go! Sat Nav – who needs TomTom? The satnav on the Android OS is awesome – much better then TomTom, and when you use the Cameralert speed camera app, it is way way better than the totally pathetic Tom Tom one. The Galaxy Note 2 will blow Apple out of the water in terms of apps, specs, and useability.

  30. emil says:

    “We here at Phones Review personally do not like the big screen smartphone”
    It takes a few days to get used to it but now i can never go back to one of those tiny phones.

  31. The business sense behind this launch strategy is fairly simple to understand. To start with, it is not a competitive product to the IPhone. So Samsung are not looking to try to bite significantly into IPhone market share. Why now then? Easy, the brouhaha and media interest in both phones will dilute Apples marketing strategy/message at time of launch.

  32. boe_d says:

    I would have gotten the note if Verizon had offered it. I got the nexus which while it may be great in the GSM variety, the phone component is a POS in the Verizon CDMA variety. When the GSM counterpart had some phone issues during the update, there were fixes within a week or two. The verizon one has been crappy as a phone since release and it is still piss poor.
    I sincerely hope the Note 2 has a better radio and is available on Verizon so I can sell my nexus.

  33. xoom says:

    I have always been an android user and am waiting for the release of the note2.
    But I have to say the one thing that apple has over android is the speed at which they get their updates out. There are still devices out there running froyo. And they are saying that the note 2 will release with ics and then upgrade to jelly bean down the track. That’s is just stupid and insulting. I’m sick of always waiting for the hardware companies to modify the operating system for their look and feel and then waiting for the telco to test and approve, all this makes me envious of the iPhone user who gets it the day apple announces the upgrade. There is no use driving a Ferrari if you have to use hand signals because your still waiting for the blinkers to be installed.

  34. barney says:

    My concern with them upping the size from 5.1 to 5.5 inches is that at one point they will indeed hit a size which is too big for it to be used as a phone.(i hope it still fits in my pocket!) I love my galaxy note. yes its slightly large as a phone, but the size is brilliant as a smartphone. from google maps, to apps, to browsing the web, to watching movies and viewing pictures. it also is decent at what its prime purpose seems to have been…taking notes!

  35. A.S.L. says:

    I own an iPhone 4S and I can’t wait to get the Note 2. I hate apple’s restrictive ecosystem and tiny screen that makes reading online, watching videos, Skyping, and playing games a real drag. A 4 inch iPhone screen is bull. Bigger is way better and I no longer accept the dictator (apple) telling me what I can or cannot do with MY smartphone. ~A.S.L.

  36. scum says:

    5.3″ screen is fine by me. If the form factor for the Note 2 does not exceed that of the Note then what is the problem with the screen size getting bigger – as long as the battery gains in size too to cope of course,

  37. What most people don’t realise is that Galaxy Note 2 will have almost the same dimensions to Galaxy Note 1. Yup that’s right people, you don’t have to worry about having Note 2 which is 0.2inch bigger than the previous Note. They made the bezel thinner, and for me, I’m waiting for Note 2 as my first Android device. I’ve never used a smartphone before LOL

  38. Sebalon says:

    What does it mean that smth is to big? How may phone be to big?
    Big screen is a grate advantage especially when it comes to web browsing, typing messages comfortably, using planners and NOTES.
    We live in very sophisticated and organized world. How do we follow if ain’t got right devices to do so?
    It is great to see more, to have greater and wider picture of whatever we want.
    Watching and reading news on the move became so easy thanks to bigger screens of the modern mobiles.
    And it still all fits in the pocket.

  39. Note 2 Self says:

    Was about to upgrade to Galaxy S3 until I heard about Note 2. I am waiting the extra month to see what it’s like. Will get Note 2 if possible.

  40. Gawdzila says:

    I don’t really see why the iPhone 5 poses a threat to the Note 2. iPhone 5 won’t have a big enough screen (or the right OS) for anyone who is remotely interested in the Note 2, and the Note 2 will be too large, not shiny enough, and not made by the right manufacturer for the Apple Zombies who will buy the iPhone 5. They are very different devices aimed at very different demographics.

  41. PAUL DESCHAMPS says:

    Obviously the author of this article is a tiny little CRapple lover, i mean the Samsung bashing never stops the entire article. Hey if you support the company that is against rapid technical advances & against giving the customer their moneys worth (thus ripping off their customers charging them 2-3 times the price for a phone they are claiming is exactly the same as their so called high end heavenly device) then to each their own I guess but me Ill stick with the winning team (Samsung)
    Like the others have said I also am a big guy 6’7″ 300lbs with some big mitts so I had no second thoughts getting the Galaxy Note as my 7th Android powered device & I have to say it is the perfect size for a mobile device although does take a little getting use to from holding those tiny little phones that came before it. I had a 10.1″ Acer Iconia A500 tablet when I had my little phones but after a couple weeks of the tablet sitting there collecting dust I sold it because with the Galaxy Note there is no need for a tablet. Gaming on a tablet just isnt comfortable at all, but the Galaxy Note feels amazing for hours of gaming. Its like having a PSP (which Ive had 3 of) without all the extra bulk & a phone in it oh & the S-Pen features which . How can you ask for a more perfect device really.
    For those who said they dont like how you have to put a case on the iPhone which you dont on an Android phone this is true, well that is except the Galaxy Note which Im on my second in only a month & a half after a mere 4″ drop on a wooden table that smashed the screen into about 12 different pieces. I highly recommend a good case on the Galaxy Note, one that covers the edges of the screen because that seems to be the problem with the glass coming right to the edge & being so large. I got the Otter Box Defender for my second Note & Im hugely impressed. It does make the phone much thinker but thats fine with such a thin phone in the first place. I game for hours a day on my Note & the Case actually makes it more comfortable with its rubber outter layer.
    One more thing, from what im hearing about the Galaxy Note 2 the specs givin in this article for the most part are wrong other than the 5.5″ screen size. The article also states that it will be for sale on the release date but this is only a revealing of the product that will be distributed for sale at a later date. Anyways I cant wait to see what they come up with & I could keep going but Ive written enough for now lol- KID ANDROID

  42. notes says:

    I have galaxy note 1. It’s really the “Beast” phone. I can use it in each situation. I can read a book, browse the web still when I stand up in the metro.
    welcome to note 2! (pssstt I will gave the note 1 to my wife.)

  43. Valence says:

    I will wait for the Galaxy Note II since S3 does not come in an LTE version in my country.

    I love the bigger screen size, and develop a bad headache when using the miniscule screen on my Iphone 4S to surf the net. Itunes and lack of flexibility with formats and inability to transfer files directly to my idevices (I own a Ipad and Iphone 4s) is frustrating me to no end. With a larger screen and a faster processor, the Note II will definitely be my next pickup.

  44. yarrellray says:

    I the very proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 the best smartphone on the market period. The only thing that might be better will also be made by Samsung and that’s the Galaxy Note 2. I will purchase the Galaxy Note 2 when it becomes available to Tmobile. Today nothing tops the Galaxy S3 nothing even the current Galaxy Note.

  45. rlars79 says:

    WIll be happily switching from Iphone 4 to Note 2. I would have even considered a Win 8 phone, over the Iphone 5, but MS is too slow and I am too eager for what looks to be a great device.

  46. Chris says:

    I bought the Galaxy Note a few days after being presented in London. I will purchase the Note 2 with grate enthusiasm as soon as available. You are right, the Note users don’t even think about buying the iPhone X. iPhone is a phone for Apple enthusiasts not for Android user. It’s not even an option for me. Many told me that once you go iPhone, you never go back. I must say i wanted to try it, had an iPhone 4s and gave it back after 3 weeks because its too limited for my needs. Also, the large, well, extra large screen of the Note is so useful and fits so perfect my needs that a smaller one is getting annoying once you are used to it. Bottom line: Note 2 is hopefully the next generation of perfect device for business users so I’ll have it no matter what.

  47. MarsWarrior says:

    I own a Galaxy Note 1, and in my humble opinion it is borderline on the size aspect! When I use it for accessing information/pictures/videos the size-issue diminishes to insignificance with its yet unequaled beautiful display. However, when I have to store the device on my person things become somewhat uncomfortable, especially living in a warm climate where jackets don’t make sense! Whilst most shirt/trouser pockets can accommodate the Note, and you even get a belt pouch for it, the device does tend to become a slightly uncomfortable burden to carry. For someone with small hands it also stretches the size boundary a tad. If it were any wider, I would probably not be comfortable using it as a phone! I think if Samsung can maintain the current outer dimensions of the Note with a 5.5″ screen, the version 2 may also be successful. If it were any larger, I would give the Note a definite thumbs down and upgrade to something smaller.

    Seeing as you raise it (as so many do), on the iPhone topic herewith my two-cents worth and somewhat sour note: Due to Apple restrictive app-selling policies to non-US citizens I cannot make any other comment than saying I can not and will not support any Apple product, as I am not a US citizen. I experienced this the hard way when I was ripped off on an iPod purchase! I refuse to create a bogus USA address as so many Apple users here do. Android has its faults, but outside the US Apple only makes sense to the technologically impaired with too much money! Apple’s perpetual patenting of obvious “innovations” also leaves a rather sour after-taste in my mouth and proves that their profit margins are way too high. I’m glad HTC kicked their butt in court!

  48. Samih says:

    The last thing I do with my phone is to “actually” talk to people… A reasonable size tablet disguised as a phone is what I really need… Samsung Galaxy note 2..:)

  49. Pete says:

    I can’t help feeling that the galaxy note is a completely different device to the iphone, and it will naturally appeal to a different customer. I have used both iphone and android devices over the years. To me there is no comparison. Iphone is great for the average Joe. If you want much more from your mobile device, android is the only way to date. The note may appeal more to the frustrated ipad user rather than the iphone brigade.

  50. thefiend236 says:

    I already have the galaxy note and i am more than happy with the screen size. The note2 looks be an even better improvement and i will definitely be looking forward to owning this beast aswell.

  51. Robert says:

    And although a s3 owner the iPhone 5 or whatever will still outsell sgn2 but I can’t go back any smaller than 4.8 inches. I bet even with outdated processor walled garden, the iPhone 5 will still beat it but android market share is growing maybe there’s a pattern

  52. People who think of these devices as “phones” should stick to feature phones or maybe even a Jitterbug…

    I’m a full-on, no-shame HTC fanboi. They made me a true believer in large screens with their revolutionary Advantage 7501 winmo device. Trust me, having carried that beast around for two years, I developed full appreciation for the advantages of the larger screen. The iPhone risks becoming irrelevant in the long term if Apple doesn’t go larger. I think they realize that now, which explains why the i5 will be bigger.

    I’ve been waiting for HTC to drop their 5 incher w/pen. But if they don’t at least announce by the time the Note II is released, too bad, so sad…

  53. Hi,

    I just realised I could use the mini HDMI connector on the bottom edge of the SGNOTE to make in-room presentations of Powerpoint files, pictures/video etc. on either a slide projector or a wide screen HDTV. GGREAAT !

    It’s also self evident that the SGNOTE (and likely the SGNOTE2) will fit into my jacket inside pocket – in a neat leather slip case. PERFECT!

    AND … my existing BLUETOOTH earpiece/mics will work so that I need NEVER take the SGNOTE out of my pocket in a public place. SAFE TOO !!!

    What’s more … all my kit and bits and pieces can be carried in a lightweight leather shoulder man-bag UNDER my jacket – completely out of sight in public.

    Job done … !

  54. geoffV says:

    its funny how a number of work colleagues who first laughed at my gnote then switched to it from iphones. If only they would do away with the wasted space at the top and bottom they could fix a 6.5″ screen into the same body as SGN1…
    Steve Jobs described 4″ phones as “monster phones” and so its very unlikely the new iphone will be much larger,.. so think samsung know exactly what theyre doing with the launch. Buy an ipad mini and / or an iphone5, or a SGN2… If only samsung would ditch the shitty TouchWiz skin and stick with stock jelly bean!

  55. Martin says:

    I’m six foot with big hands; of course I want a screen big enough to use Swype without mistakes all the time. I think most phones are designed for children. Older people also want larger text sizes and a stylus is brilliant. I don’t care about HD video or cameras. Just to write and read!!!!

  56. Lee Colbeck says:

    Such a hard decision. Apple or samsung note 2. Apple has no bluetooth file sharing, everything via itunes on computer etc. great apps, great design build and great resolution on screen. Hmmmm. Samsung plays flash, big screen, jellybean 4.1. Easy to file share and increase memory options. Both have pros but what you want to use it for will ultimately be the deciding factor. Watching movies or surfing. Does it fit in pocket for a night out etc… You decide. I cant just yet!

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