Apple vs Google, worst maps belongs to!

As you probably know, Apple has decided to boot Google Maps to the curb on their iOS devices, and have opted to deliver their own Apple Map version when iOS 6 finally gets released later in the year, and sometime back Apple previewed Apple Maps, which looks to be a fairly competent substitute for Google Maps. However, the Google guys have been in the maps game for quite some time, so can Apple actually deliver a better maps app than Google, or will it be worse?

A while ago Business Insider took a look at Apple Maps in iOS 6 and say that Apple Maps is missing a killer feature, and that is transit directions, and the lack of transit directions in Apple Maps is a bit of a slap for any of the iOS faithful that happens to use public transport. However, Apple has said they will allow 3rd-party developers deliver transit directions for Apple Maps, but with the lack of transit directions baked in, Apple Maps will be somewhat inferior to Google Maps, and although probably isn’t enough to push iOS users away from the Apple platform to Android, transit directions should have been baked in.

According to the guys over at Mashable, the lack of transit directions in Apple Maps could be down to most cities writing their transportation in General Transit Data Feed, which was originally know as Google Transit Data Feed, and as it was developed by Google, this could be the reason Apple is unwilling to use it.

Both Apple Maps and Google Maps enable the user to search for restaurants near your location, whilst Apple Maps goes a tad further by integrating Yelp info into those searches so the user can view reviews and ratings for a particular restaurant.

Both Maps apps offer a birds eye view, with the Apple version called 3G Flyover, and the Google version called Tour Guide, and the Apple version does appear to run smoother and looks a tad more impressive, with images in Maps being rendered in real time in detailed 3D.

However, one will need to wait until such times as Apple delivers the Apple Maps app to the iOS platform before anyone can really make a good comparison between the two. No doubt the iOS faithful will herald Apple Maps as the best available, whilst the Android faithful will come down on the side of Google.

So we’d like to ask our readers what they think, do you think Apple Maps will outdo Google Maps, or do you think Apple’s map app will probably be worse that Google Maps? Feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below.


7 thoughts on “Apple vs Google, worst maps belongs to!”

  1. Apple Maps still has a long way to go to match Google Maps. Street View, the transit data, and it simply is missing a lot of data. My friends use street view and transit data almost every time they open up maps, so these are essential features that Apple is missing. Definitely going to download the Google maps app on my iPhone when it comes out.

  2. justinfyi says:

    I saw this coming when Apple killed flash for its own greed. Now Apple wants to disallow YouTube and Google Maps? Dear Apple, the problem is, you’re fighting against many who have been buying your products, including me. Personally, I’m done. I can’t be loyal to a company that isn’t thinking about its consumers’ needs. You’ll lose this one.

  3. [anonymous] says:

    Let’s remember Apple just slapped this thing together with a little C3/Poly9/Placebase action. Already purple are treating it like a good opponent for Google Maps. With Public transit an street view, this app is nothing but a beautiful Google Maps.

  4. Nathan Swaby says:

    I think though Apple are new in the maps business, they won’t stop with the features they start with from release. I can see them innovating new features that will advance into a new bit of competition for Google to sit up and take notice!

    All in all this is going to be great for the users of both platforms.

  5. Andy says:

    I for one won’t be updating to iOS 6 so that I can keep Google maps. Why should we have to put up with (possibly) years of incremental improvements just to get to the level we already have now?!
    I shall now be looking at other options when it comes to changing my phone as I hate Apple’s arrogance and complete contempt for it’s customers.

  6. Dawn says:

    google has set the standard for an impressive maps system. When traveling between Baltimore and DC, I use public transit directions all the time. When I had to travel to unfamilar Bethesda for work, I was able to pull up a street view of the building and visually confirm where I was going that day. It’s a fail on Apple’s side to end this relationship.

  7. can says:

    it should not have udated to ios6 .Google map is far better than apple’s map .Iphone 5 will failed miserably because of its close nature with software.You can not win the race by being a close system

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