iPhone 5 4G LTE not just a myth

As usual each and every day the mobile space waits patiently for Apple to get into gear and deliver the details on the next iPhone, more rumours on the iPhone 5 hit the net before the expected launch date of the 12th of next month. This time round it is to do with whether the iPhone 5 will actually come out to play as a 4G LTE enabled smartphone, and the latest speculation could mean the iPhone 5 4G LTE isn’t just a myth.

So here we go, according to an article over on Cnet, the word is Apple is currently in talks with Korea’s SK Telecom and KT with a view to delivering the iPhone 5 via the Korean carriers 4G LTE networks, claims a report on the Korean Times who cite carrier officials that wish to remain unnamed.

According to the Korean Times report, a senior KT exec has stated that the carrier is talking with Apple and attempting to persuade the fruit named company to support the 1.8GHz frequency used by KT in Korea for the upcoming new iPhone; however when contacted a spokesperson for KT declined to comment.

As you probably know over in Apple’s home ground AT&T uses the 700MHz and 2.1GHz frequencies whilst the Big Red uses a 700MHz frequency as well, and this means it is up to Apple to deliver separate iOS smartphones with differing LTE modems, and is also apparently why Apple hasn’t delivered an LTE enabled new iPad in Korea.

Apparently an ST Telecom exec has told the Korea Times that if Apple fails to deliver the iPhone 5 with LTE it would be quite disappointing as LTE is everywhere in Korea.

So the real question is will the Korean carriers be successful in getting Apple to deliver the iPhone 5 4G LTE to Korea, and if so would that mean that the rest of the world will also get the iPhone 5 with LTE connectivity?

Well that rumoured release date of September the 12th isn’t really that far off, and the mobile space should find out if Apple has finally taken the step towards LTE then, but if not then Apple will still continue playing the catch up game.

Do our readers feel it is about time Apple finally delivered a 4G LTE enabled iPhone to the mobile space?

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