Galaxy Nexus LTE replacements with problematic IMM76Q Update

A few weeks ago an update known as IMM76Q appeared on a Galaxay Nexus LTE developer device, and the word is this particular update has been preloaded onto several replacement Galaxy Nexus handsets, and the latest word is this IMM76Q update is causing some problems for replacement devices, with one owner going through three replacement devices over the course of last week, all running the IMM76Q update.

A reports over at Droid-life reports that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus owner claims that the replacement handsets running IMM76Q had a problem with holding a 4G LTE connection for longer than just a few minutes, and it appears to be somewhat of a mystery as to just why replacement Galaxy Nexus devices are failing to keep that LTE connection.

The Droid-life reader also reports that the on-device search looks to have been given a downwards bump, and apparently doesn’t deliver results for contacts or apps, something the guys say they thought might happen with the next update due to the continuing fight with Apple.

Apparently it isn’t quite clear just why only Galaxy Nexus replacement handset have IMM76Q preloaded, but they think not all replacement handset have the update, but if you do have a replacement Galaxy Nexus with IMM76Q you can expect some problems.

Many of the comments on the article suggest that the problem could be with the .10 version of the handset, or replacement in general, but the comments area is overflowing with those that are experiencing issues with their device, with one poster saying they went through eight Galaxy Nexus handset before getting one that works fine, although does experience rare mic cut off issues along with awful keyboard lag times.

However another says their Galaxy Nexus with IMM76Q also has connection problems with 4G, 3G and WiFi, and replaced them with new devices that still had IMM76Q and it works fine, so suggest that the issue is with individual handsets and not Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Droid-life guys say they are also hearing that some stores have placed ‘Updated’ sticker on devices and are sending them back in some cases because of the number of problems users have been faced with.

So we’d like to hear from any of our readers out there that have had a replacement Version Galaxy Nexus with IMM76Q to let us know you your device is running fine or whether you are experiencing these same issues with the device.


4 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus LTE replacements with problematic IMM76Q Update”

  1. Jared says:

    My wife and I both purchased to the GNEX a little over a week ago. Both are Build number IMM76Q. Hers has not experienced any problem. The same can’t be said for mine. The next day, I had to get it replaced because it kept losing single literally every couple of minutes. Verizon tried to tell me it was their network, but my wife’s connection was fine. They replaced the phone, but the new one had a defective camera. All pictures came out with a heavy yellow hue. That one was also replaced. The phone I have now is still running IMM76Q, but seems to be fine. It does tend to run hot, but not sure if has to do with the build number.

  2. Jim says:

    I just got a second replacement phone 2 days ago, IMM76K and it can’t hold a signal to say the least. Don’t know what my first too devices were. The first phone had some glitching software but held a signal fine. The second phone was from china and this one is from Korea… I think this one is worse, but the one from china was bad too. This is getting frustrating

  3. I think its definetly hardware. Verizon and samsung have told me that there is a known issue and they dont want to ship out any more refurbed galaxy nexus phones. They are offering me a Razr which i dont want. Verizon has been very bad in this situation I wish we could get the thousands of people to gather some kind of lawsuit.

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