O2 Recycle vs Mazuma vs Envirophone to sell phones

If you’ve ever thought of selling your mobile phone then you may be baffled as to just where you might get the best deal and what some of the different services offer. We thought we’d take a look at three of the most well known mobile phone buying companies, O2 Recycle vs. Mazuma vs. Envirophone, to give you some idea on each of the services.

First off we have O2 Recycle and to sell your device you first simply need to enter the model or make of your phone. There’s also hope for those who’ve forgotten the name of their device as you can look up further information if you need to and O2 Recyle deal with smartphones and other devices from any network so you don’t need to be an existing O2 customer to use this service. O2 Recycle claims to offer top prices and will price match other offers (with terms and conditions) but the appeal of this service for many users will be that you can help the environment at the same time as making some money. O2 Recycle also says it doesn’t make any money from this venture and that any money made is donated towards its Big Think initiative that aims to help young people.

Next we have Mazuma Mobile that claims to be the UK’s best rated such service, ranked number 1 on TrustPilot and earning a Trust score of 98%. Mazuma also claims to pay out more quickly than some other services and says its bank transfers will clear on the day of receipt rather than the 3 days it takes some other companies. Simply register to make a sale and you will receive a free postbag, send Mazuma your phone and payment will be made on the day that Mazuma receive it.

Finally how about Envirofone, which again offers an easy search facility. They say they accept damaged phones and that each phone they receive is individually tested and given a price rather than an average price given, great if you’ve looked after your phone but not so great if it has taken some wear perhaps. Samples of some prices currently being offered are shown on the website and Envirofone says that almost all phones received are reused in some part of the world, often in developing economies. In cases where this isn’t possible the phones are recycled by a registered recycling company.

As a brief example of what we found we checked out the prices currently offered by all three services for a Samsung Galaxy S3 in Pebble Blue. O2 Recycle offered £293.00, Envirophone came in at £285.06 and the Mazuma price offered was £285.00. All pretty close in prices then although O2 Recycle came out on top. It seems as though all of these offer a decent service then but we’d also be interested to hear from readers about this. If you have used any of the above companies to sell your mobile did you have a good experience and did you feel you were offered a fair price? Let us know by sending your comments.


23 thoughts on “O2 Recycle vs Mazuma vs Envirophone to sell phones”

    1. Bd says:

      Mazuma provided the quickest payment on my last handset. Mailed it monday and was paid to my bank accpount by 2:30pm tuesday.

      Used Evirophone this time round because they offered 10 quid more but mailed it on Sunday 13/3/14 and received an email saying payment will be in my account 28/03/14.

      Can`t understand why the delay?

  1. jashpal says:

    I have used both mazuma and envirofone, but i see that prices in envirofone is better then mazuma mobile, however money wise, i prefer mazuma because if you sell the phone to them once they receive they will check immediately and can give you immediate back transfer on same day of receival. which is great where as envirofone will approve on same day of receivel but you get bank payment in next 1 to 3 days working days, i sold 4 phone until now. price is not satisfactory of course but well if person have phone used and not have accessary as well as it is locked to network , just in good working condition with scratches around but no damage, you will still get good money, as eg, sell your i phone 4s 16gb, they give 295.06 gbp without box or accessory as well as even if it is locked to some network, if you have i phone 4s and yuo want to unlock it officially you may need to pay from 50 to 100 gbp. so any way you going to get good money.

  2. Used O2 recycle, sent them a phone in a1 condition, well padded in bubble wrap, they claim it was scratched and scuffed and reduced offer by 10%. Seem to be a bunch of rip off cowboys to me, so use them at your peril!!

    1. Exactly the same here!!! I took a brand new, never been opened, Blackberry Bold that my company gave me (I did not want it so never used it) and sent it in to O2 recycle. It was still in it’s protective film, in the leather case, inside the sealed plastic bag, in a bubble wrapped envelope that they provided. Guess what? Revised offer due to ‘cosmetic damage’. This is just out and out dishonesty by a huge company out to rip people off. Do NOT trust O2 with your old phone.

  3. Ole says:

    Well I am cheesed off with O2 recycle, I placed an order on 7th to send a Blackberry 9900 Bold so I sent the phone, I had to ring them after a week as I had not had acknowledgement of its arrival and as it was valued at quite a price I was worried.

    All of a sudden an acknowledgement was sent though, now when I placed the order I opted for Amazon vouchers as they were of more value than the cheque, I received an email saying they had reviewed the offer because of cosmetic damage so I was fine with this so I had no reason to respond.

    So today is the 24th now I put this order in on the 7th, so I ring them today saying I have not received anything and have checked my o2 recycle account and it says order completed, they say to me oh we have send a cheque out to you first class today hmm ok, I said but I ticked the box for Amazon vouchers she said oh I am sorry there is nothing I can do goodbye.

    So I am getting a lower amount for my handset as they are sending me a cheque and not Amazon vouchers I am not happy there customer service sucks big time and they take an age without notifying you they have received your handset.

    Avoid these people they have mugged me off not recommended.

  4. kay says:

    Just used o2 recycling myself wont use again phone in as new condition without a mark on it offer reduced by ten per cent due to visable cosmetic damage says on website will pay out on day they receive the phone, yet send an email to say that they will pay me in 5 days, no answer when u ring customer stervices. Will use mazuma again next time may not pay as much but at least they are honest.

  5. O2 Recycle do *not* pay the top rates – they offer the top rates and reduce by 10% as a matter of course regardless of the condition of the phone you send. When they’ve got the phone and say it’s got cosmetic damage – how are you going to prove otherwise? To get the phone back you have to pay an extortionate £15 return fee, so O2 are quids in regardless (and I wouldn’t be surprised if your phone then *did* arrive back with cosmetic damage). They also drag their feet on payment. The service they provide is poor at best, and the weight of online review evidence indicates it’s downright dishonest.

  6. killz says:

    i personally recommend mazuma, 1st time i recycled a phone and i posted it to them monday morning got the procesed email tuesday at 3pm and got paid at 5pm

  7. Johnny Kowalski says:

    O2 recycle are the biggest bunch of cons in the known universe. They stated my iphone 4 had a cracked screen and therefore vastly reduced the price they were to offer. I requested the phone back, after a week I received a phone call from O2 recycle saying that an ‘error’ had been made and that the screen was not cracked! I called their bluff the lying b******s but I still requested my phone back as not only did i expose their lies, I was not willing to stoop to their low, degraded level of humanity. Everyone AVOID O2 recycle!!!

  8. John says:

    I think you guys are leaving out the little guys who offer the better deals too! For example Gadget Mill – new kid on the block. Pays out within 24 hours and offers highly competitive prices.

  9. Maddo says:

    Offered £150 for iPhone 4 in perfect condition! Literally not a scratch on it. I have photos of the phone from every angle on the day it was posted. Wrapped in layers of bubble wrap, inside a jiffy envelope, inside the original box ( it could not move and was extremely well padded)

    They are now telling me the screen has excessive scratching and are offering me … £32. Absolute joke! I am 100% sure the phone was not scratched.

    So now I take £32 or PAY THEM £9 to return my phone which having had dealings with them now I do not trust to return my phone in a sellable condition.

    Worst company I have ever dealt with. Liars and will rip you off!

    Do not sell your phone to cash4phones!!!

  10. Mapesyo says:

    I sent my £200 iPhone to them they are saying its not been received I’ve called Royal Mail they are saying it would have been received 3 days ago, and all mazuma say is it will take 15 days for delivery when this is not true what they mean is they can’t make a claim for it until the 15 day mark although I’m assured by Royal Mail it’s been delivered, I’m now informed its most likely lost but they can’t confirm this and when questioned they just send out the same standard script stating they’re delivery times

  11. JOOLES1983 says:


  12. Nelson says:

    I have just used O2 Recycle. they offered £158 for an iPhone 4s 32gb in perfect working order and no cosmetic damage. I then got an email to say the price was now £108 because the phone would not accept a charge due to water damage. (the battery was flat when i sent it and it had never seen water) then they told me the IMEI number they got from it said it was only an iphone 4 16gb. I still have the box from when i bought it so i will be checking when the phone returns (Thats if i get my phone back). when i checked the IMEI they gave me online, it was clearly a different phone as the model was different and the initial activation date was out by 6 months.
    clearly just trying to rob me blind.

  13. fizzat says:

    O2 Recycle is the biggest con going! I sent an iPhone 4 into them – it was in perfect condition… no scratches or marks… I then receive an email stating the price they were going to pay -£92 is not going to be paid as the phone a cracked screen!!! it was in perfect condition when I sent it to them!!!! Im now getting £18.72 for it! Ive asked for the phone back and its probably going to be worthless now – thanks O2!!! YOU ARE LIKE EVERY OTHER NETWORK – CON ARTISTS!!!!!!

    1. pip says:

      Hi. Im really really mad as Ive just had almost the exact email from O2. Was told in store I would be receiving £92 for my iPhone 4 and have just had an email saying I’m getting a 80% reduction on my phone due to damage????! what Damage? There was nothing wrong with it! its been working fine for years otherwise i would have changed it a long time ago. Rang up 02, and they checked what the damage issue was.. said something about faded pixels..(???) and would now offer me £50 for it. I have told them to send it back , and I’m going to send to Mazuma. I know that my husband recently sold his iphone 4 with a very cracked screen to Mazuma and received £40 even for that. I am very concerned and annoyed that 02 are saying my phone is damaged, and I’m more conceded about what they will be sending back to me. I have a feeling it may have been damaged since i’ve handed it over the counter. Its going to be my word against theirs.
      I would advise anyone trading in thee phone for recycle to take photo evidence/ notes on condition before handing it it.
      Such a bloody con.

      1. Chiara Walters says:

        This exact thing just happened to me. The phone was wrapped in bubble wrap in a box. It looks like they took a hammer to it. CON ARTISTS!

  14. Holly Taylor says:

    Was offer £54 via amazon vouchers for my phone. I sent this to them fully charged with the phone wiped and sim carmd/sd card removed as per their instructions. This phone was in perfect working condition without any scratches. Wrapped with bubble wrap to ensure the phones safety. Sent on the 23rd Jan. Chased them up today (3rd Feb) after no response only for a short reply stating that due to pixel damage they will not be paying me anything!!
    Fuming. Have demanded they send this back or pay me and i have placed formal complaint.

  15. transidity says:

    Envirofone: 10 days to process a bank payment? It would have been quicker to cash a cheque. Their USP is fast payment, they do nothing else to elevate above other ‘cash-for-mobile’ providers, therefore, i’m left feeling very disappointed. After having used Envirofone for some years and had great service, I will not be using again. Buck up your ideas Envirofone – you have completely lost the edge.

  16. Angry says:

    Envirofone – do not use stay well clear of these cowboys. Sent them an iphone 4s in perfect condition phone had been well looked after and it was in full working order. After folking out £7 on special delivery (as their free postage only covers up to £50) I received an email to say the phone was water damaged and therefore reduced by £45 in price. There is absolutely no way the phone is water damaged it was in perfect condition and I fear this is all part of their con as they did the same to my brother. Complete waste of time

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