Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen dissimilar to SGS3

Those that love Samsung gear will no doubt know that old Sammy is expected to announced the upcoming successor to the popular Samsung Galaxy Note, aptly called the Galaxy Note 2, on the 29th of this month, and rumour has it some sources believe the Galaxy Note 2 will take its design basis from the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S3. However a new image that is reportedly the display glass of the Note 2 has surfaced and tells a different story.

The supposed Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen image comes our way courtesy of the guys over at GSM Arena, by way of French site Nowhereelse, and the diagonal measurement of the display comes out at 14 centimetres, which equates to 5.5-inch, which was expected. However one can also see that the Note 2 screen is somewhat dissimilar to the Samsung Galaxy S3, as this design is fairly angular.

The GSM Arena guys were also sent a press image of what was said to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 based on the Galaxy S3 design, but with this new image they simple don’t look alike, whilst this new Note 2 display image shows the sensors next to the camera on the right, the SGS3 design Note 2 has the sensors on the left.

However, the Droid-life guys also ran the same image, and say that judging on the dust slippers the person in the photo is wearing it looks like they are in one of Samsung’s hardware factories, and thus this could lend credibility to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 display as being legit.

The specs for the Galaxy Note 2 are rumoured to be that 5.5-inch Super AMOLED touch screen, a 13 megapixel auto-focus rear facing camera with LED flash, 1080p video, a front facing snapper, 1.5GB RAM, 16GB or 32GB internal storage, a 1.5GHz Exynos 4 quad core processor, microSD expansion and runs Android Jelly Bean.

Still, as the 29th isn’t that far away, so we should know exactly whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will have a similar design to the Galaxy S3 or whether it will be a more squared off design like the image above by then.

Are any of our readers excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 almost coming out to play in the mobile space, will the device be your next tech toy?


13 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen dissimilar to SGS3”

  1. Paul, Coatbridge says:

    Really looking forward to the note 2 coming out. It seems like the ideal balance between a Mobile and Tablet which would be great for reading kindle app or if bored a video, video recording capacity also seems like a gem. I Hope the screen is a super AMOLED HD (or HD plus, although i’m not counting my chickens).

  2. I hope that the GN2 IS more like this new image than the GS3: I actually prefer the more angular shape of the current Note (and the S2) to the rounded ‘pebble’ shape of the S3: I think it looks more ‘business-like’, in contrast to the S3 which seems to be more consumer-orientated.

  3. yarrellray says:

    Either way I will be purchasing this device on day one. I will couple this device with my already industry leading Galaxy S3 on Tmobile. I am more interested in the launch details of this device. I would love to see Samsung pull off the same simultaneously launch on three of the US carriers. Meaning Tmobile, At&t, and Sprint. Samsung won’t have to worry about making a device for Verizon since they will have that UGLY Lg Vu and then the HTC 5inch Note 2 competitor. Samsung only has to make three device plus whatever other carriers that may carry the device. NO EXCLUSIVE CARRIER CRAP everyone deserves the chance to enjoy this product. I look forward to this. August 29th can’t come fast enough.

      1. yarrellray says:

        Sadly people on Verizon will have that sad looking Lg Vu and the Htc Note competitor. Samsung will not be making a Galaxy Note 2 for Verizon period. If you are on At&t, Tmobile, and Sprint get ready for the Galaxy Note 2 before November

  4. bob says:

    Cant wait, using S3 now but think im ready for a bigger screen as i virtually want to eliminate using my laptop. Personally i love the pebble curves of S3 so hope they stick with it which im sure they will because if you think back to the S2 it had same squarey corners as the current note so i beleive it will be the same for the note 2. Only 1 problem for me with S3 is i think it needs another gig of ram which i really hope they add to note 2.

  5. Errr … I think this is a display matrix layer; not the touch screen surface itself.

    Consider the connection at the lower left hand side of this component, in the upper picture.

    My guess is that the actual outer panel will have more surface, larger outside dimensions and rounded corners.

    It still points to the Samsung Galaxy NOTE2 … very nice too !

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