Apple stock price closes at $636.34 per share

Over the past few months, Apple stock has been spikes and lows with stock almost hitting 650-bucks back in April, and then fell to under 600-bucks and since then has been languishing around that area. However despite the continuing battles between Apple and Samsung, and no doubt due to the impending arrival of the iPhone 5, Apple stock is now on the way back up, something which should please investors.

According to an article over on iDownload Blog by way of MacRumors, yesterday Apple stock reached an all time high of $636.34 per share, which just passes the previous all time high of $636.32 back in April. Apple also made good on their promise and has paid out their first stock dividend since back in 1995 and shelled out a dividend of $2.65 a share to investors.

Although apparently it is expected that Apple stock will continue to be a tad erratic over the coming few months due to the firm expected to announce yet another low quarter in October because of customer anticipation of new Apple products.

So there you go, if you are interested in Apple stock, you now know that it has made somewhat of a recovery. Now all the mobile space really needs is for Apple to finally deliver the next iPhone and that Apple iPad Mini, after which no doubt Apple stock will climb even further.

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