Phones 4 U Jump contracts for six monthly upgrades

Phones 4u has now announced the success of their county wide roll out of Just Update My Phone (JUMP), that after an initial trial has been available across all 640 stores since June the 1st, with a quarter of overall sales of top selling handsets taken up on the flexible contract that allows the user to upgrade their device every six months. With the response from customers being extremely positive.

According to Phones 4u, 1-in-5 eligible customers have already jumped and upgraded their mobile phone to a newer handset, with 98 percent of those trading in their old device when upgrading, and thus far the best selling smartphone on JUMP contacts is the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S3 with 51 percent, whilst the iPhone 4S is 40 percent.

Jump does not need any upfront fees when you upgrade, whilst the customer owns the device rather than leasing it, and for that ability to upgrade as often as every six months, a charge of £2.99 to £3.99 monthly fee is added depending on the original JUMP contract that has been chosen.

With Jump rather than just having a single contract with a mobile network, Jump splits it into two, one with Phones 4u for the device, and the other with the network provider for your minutes, text and data, and thus enables the customer with total ownership of the smartphone and their monthly pay plan.

When a JUMP customer wishes to upgrade no upfront fee is involved, and they can trade in their old handset that Phones 4u guarantees a worth of a minimum on £100 for the first year, or of course the customer can keep their old device if they wish.

The director of customer experience at Phones 4u, Alistair Firth has stated the company has been delighted at the response to JUMP, and in stores JUMP contracts account for two thirds of all contracts sold, with uptake in London and Birmingham, and the surrounding areas doing especially well.

For those in the UK that aren’t too sure about JUMP, we have a video shows you how it all works below, so don’t forget to check out the footage. And we’d like to ask our UK readers out there if they have already taken advantage of JUMP to upgrade their smartphone via Phones 4u, or if you intend doing so in the near future?


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  1. Djlowe says:

    I upgraded my phone this way, and now with the release of the new iphone imminent, I will be treating myself to a new iphone for christmas, I love this scheme

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