iPhone Hybrid USB Flash Drive Snap Case for storage

We are always on the hunt for iPhone accessories and cases with a difference, and we have found just that with the unique ‘iPhone Hybrid USB Flash Drive Snap Case’, yes this is an iPhone case with a built-in Flash drive making it the perfect gadget for storage, not only does it store your phone but it will store data as well that can be transferred anytime you wish.

If you own an Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S the Ego has the answer if you want something special, a little extra with a difference, not only is it a case that protects your phone it also protects your data. The Ego Hybrid series case comes in an array of colours, even the USB Flash drive comes in many colour variations, buy the case on its own and the USB drive on its own, or simply buy as a 2-piece set.

You get 7 colours to choose from, for the case and USB drive combined the prices are as follows 4GB is $34.95 USD, the 8GB is $39.95 and the 16GB is priced at $49.95. The case on its own is $18.95, and the USB drive on its own are priced accordingly: 4GB is $13.95, 8GB $18.95 and the 16GB is $28.95.

This is perfect if you like to stand out in the crowd, a product that offers individuality at its best. We must let you know that there is no Bluetooth connectivity between the iPhone and the Flash drive; it is basically a case that stores the USB stick. The case is made from a resin material that has a stunning matte finish, they are very easy to insert and remove the phone and the cut outs for the ports and buttons are comfortable and easy to access.

How many of you still use a Flash drive? Now that you have answered this question you must admit that Flash drives are always in the laptop bag, in your pocket or hanging on your key chain, having one on an iPhone case makes perfect sense to us and really like this product, only useful if you still your USB Flash drives.

Please do visit the Ego website for more information and option to buy, if you already own the “iPhone Hybrid USB Flash Drive Snap Case” please let us know what you think of it.

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