New iPhone 2012 connector cable photo, still optimistic

Keeping this short and sweet, we have just come across a new photo of the New iPhone 2012 connector cable, this so called sync / USB charging cable seems to be the real deal but we are not too sure as not had any official information via Apple as of yet, but then that’s nothing new.

We have wrote a number of news articles covering the new iPhone 5 dock connector, and these reports do suggest the cables connector would be a lot smaller, moving from the already known 30-pin to a 8 pin.

This information comes via iLounge by way of a Twitter message by Veister, and we know that Veister is the phone accessory firm located in Shenzen, China. They did say that this new cable is similar to past Apple cables that come with a full sized USB plug end, but the other end has a new and smaller 8-pin connector.

We have no idea if this is the real deal or if it is just a replacement cable from Apple, it does look real though if you ask us but we will let you pass judgement on this one. Sorry if this article is a little short, but we have not got much more to go on at the moment.

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