iTypewriter for iPad even grandma would love

If you are an owner of an Apple iPad that loves old style typing, there could be a new typing accessory coming out to play for the iOS slate, and that typing accessory is called iTypewriter, a device that turns your iOS tablet into an old style typewriter that even your grandma would love, although it isn’t clear whether the iTypewriter will ever come to market.

The iTypewriter for iPad is brought to our attention by the guys over at Gizmodo, and this physical old style typewriting keyboard for the Apple iPad has been invented by Edinburgh based Austin Yang, who states that with the iTypewriter users can experience the old feeling of typing along with the latest technology.

Yang goes on to say that even though elderly users may have never used an Apple iPad or computer, they can use this familiar typewriter so they can type in a familiar way, whilst for specific groups of users the iTypewriter can offer an easier way for typing on an iPad.

Basically the iTypewriter is a old style typewriter that your iOS slate slips into, and uses capacitive touch hammers that move to hit the on screen keys on the Apple iPad, and you can check out the iTypewriter in action by heading on down below and mashing the play button on the embedded video.

However, as mentioned above, there’s no word on whether Yang is contemplating selling the typewriting accessory for the iPad, but if he did, would any of our iPad owning readers really be interested in picking up the old style typewriting accessory?

Feel free to let us know if you think the iTypewriter for iPad floats your old school boat by dropping us a line to our comments area below.

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