iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Buyers choice

Smartphone consumers are increasingly becoming spoilt for choice when it comes to getting a new handset. We have just seen the latest flagship device revealed by Samsung and in the coming weeks Apple is expected to announce their latest version of the iPhone, and when it comes to comparing the iPhone 5 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 it is certainly a buyer’s choice.

Samsung has already announced the Galaxy Note 2 with its lovely big 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, and speculation in recent months has hinted that the iPhone 5 will have a taller 4-inch display. There will be smartphone users who will love the screen size of the Note 2, but there will be others who will find it too big and may prefer the size that the next iPhone may offer.

The Galaxy Note 2 is powered by a 1.6GHz Exynos quad-core processor with a nice big 3,100 mAh battery pack providing the power, while there has been talk of the iPhone 5 also joining the quad core party when it is released. Some iPhone 4/4S users have complained about the battery life of their device, and previously some leaked patents had suggested that Apple were looking at new battery pack ideas that may arrive in time for the next handset.

Perspective owners of the Galaxy Note 2 have the choice of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage options, which can then be expanded by up to another 64GB via a microSD card, while current owners of the Apple iPhone have never enjoyed such an option.

Camera wise the Galaxy Note 2 has been treated to an eight megapixel sensor for its main shooter on the back, while on the front there is a 1.9 megapixel unit, while the current iPhone also has an eight megapixel unit. Rumours recently have suggested that the iPhone 5 camera may still be eight megapixels but allow users to take 3D images, but this remains to be seen.

There is also the new improved S-Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note 2 that provides users with a range of new ways to interact with the smartphone and its content, and we will have to wait until Apple showcases the iPhone 5 for any new innovative features it may have.

Samsung have revealed that the Galaxy Note 2 will be released in October in certain European regions, but have so far not given a more specific date for the handsets release in the US. This could play into Apple’s hands as you would have thought by then the iPhone 5 will have been released to most regions around the world, but it will also benefit consumers that will want to see what the iPhone 5 is like before committing to a new two year contract for either handset.

A lot of consumers decisions will come down to personal choice and whether they need a smartphone with a screen the size of the Galaxy Note 2, but unless Apple really pulls something special out of the back in the coming weeks, more will be picking the Galaxy Note 2.

Are you going to get the Galaxy Note 2 or wait to see what the next iPhone is like?


46 thoughts on “iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Buyers choice”

    1. Realist says:

      Fanboy much? How about picking some technology based on components, necessity, and value? Not saying the Iphone 5 won’t be a worthy competitor, but Samsung is getting very innovative and are typically much cheaper than Apple’s products.

      1. How bout you mind your own business and let the fan be a fan realist….you psychotic android obsessives feel if people don’t like what you like then their opinion and reasons for those opinions are automatically invalid. That’s the difference between apple fans and android fans. Apple fans, as a general rule, give their opinions and reasons for their opinions, and android fans disrespect them and make them out to be “brainwashed” or “apple sheep”, and immediately tell the apple fans why their OPINIONS are wrong. One of my hobbies is watching the tech sites for the latest smartphone info cause for some reason I think smartphones and mobile innovation is incredibly fascinating, and I find it insanely interesting to watch the human psychological dynamics play out in the posts at the ends of each article. Therefore I’m well versed in the fan dynamics between ios/android and apple/samsung arguments. Admittedly I see some ifans bashing samsung products or android products, but as a general rule its because of some fandroid troll posting crap like realist, or sarcasm like Mark Harding. What I find most interesting is that the great majority of fandroids are in fact left wing liberals while the ifans are majority center democrats/republicans, with right wing conservative leanings. What I can’t fathom and what downright pisses me off is this: how do you tell someone their OPINION is wrong or not valid. This article …even in its relative infancy is a perfect example. I see iphone and samsung fans. I see apple fans giving their opinion respectfully, not one being condescending or trying to invalidate a a samsung fans opinion. Yet I see 2 fandroids being condescending or downplaying the apple fans opinions. Your so obsessed with hating apple that you can’t respect anyone elses opinions unless they match your own. Enjoy your phones, shut the hell up, and get some frigging lives.

        1. Jack B says:

          Dont agree with everything you’ve written, but it is true, Android users are an aggressive bunch and very sanctimonious. And if anyone asks, I am a long time Iphone user who recently bought an S3 and I absolutely love it. I would go back to using an iphone but they do need to buck u their ideas I think,

        2. dandan101 says:

          Honestly people on both sides unfortunately take part. But there will naturally be more of them on android seeing as more people use android. Honestly the whole thing is stupid. I’m an android user and don’t like iOS but I don’t go round slagging people off.for liking it. All comes down to personal preference

  1. 2 very different devices. It all depends what you want. I’m one of those waiting for both to be released and then make my decision. I don’t make a lot of calls but I do a lot of Internet browsing and like using FaceTime/Skype, music,games apps etc… The note 2 looks really amazing at this stage I have to say.

    I don’t really see the relevance of the iPhone at the moment. It’s small, expensive and dare i say it, basic. Can only really see it being used by children. I would never rule apple out that’s why I’m waiting to see what they bring to the table, although I might need glasses to see it.

    1. Whatmoney says:

      That’s the problem with Apple. The Iphone is stale and boring in comparison to today’s latest and greatest. Can they change that perception? Certainly, but will they is the big question. For your average, everyday user the Iphone is more than sufficient, but for anyone wanting to get the most out of their devices, the clear choice (currently) is anything but.

    2. gem0144 says:

      I feel the same about the iphone. It is very basic and way too small for me. I have the note 1 and its fantastic for the internet, it its a bit big but within a week you don’t notice the size other than the obvious screen size for browsing the internet. The note 2 sounds even better, I’m a bit gutted I didn’t wait for the note 2 now. I just don’t see the big draw to iPhones at all! Unless they pull something really big out of the hat for the iPhone 5 I seriously think they’ll lose out with the note 2 and the S3.
      If I were you I would wait to have a good demo of them all.

  2. capo says:

    The first smartphone i bought is am iphone 4 and i must admit i just love it for its simplicity and cant wait for the iphone 5 as my upgrade is due. I dont mind paying that little bit more for the best in my opinion. As for samsung i think that their screen is just getting to big for my liking i want a phone not a mini laptop in my pocket.

      1. FamiliarOne says:

        Meeeeow! Seems to me you are another one of the plebs that like to put down anything that is successful and bought by people because of its success! Get a life!!

  3. Chris says:

    Samsungs galaxy S and Galaxy S2 in my opinion were better phones then the iPhones of their year. However, this year I believe, especially after the trail win over samsung, Apple will come with a phone designed to take over the mobile phone industry here in the U.S. They have great technology and are fully well and capable of doing so. I am waiting for the iPhone 5 (if that will be its name) to be unveiled, more then likely I will be swithcing from Samsung over to Apple’s iPhone, and I cant wait.

  4. Pkcpga says:

    I phone 5, I like my iPhone apps feature and network of people that have the same so I can easily connect with them in a game or FaceTime. Plus I’m not Zach Morris I like my phone to fit in my pocket. If I want to carry an iPad as a phone I would but I like the size of the phone and hope the new one is not too large to easily fit in my pant pocket. Who knows if Samsung will even be able to sell their new phone they are caught in a few legal matters with that, seems copying is easier than coming up with something new.

  5. chad says:

    Hats off to Samsung for making a line of phones that can meet everyones different needs. The galaxy line is awesome & using the note with its screen size really makes u say wow. My iphone 4s , well can’t say enough about apple &.the quality of the iphone. Very easy to use on a daily basis, making your way around the phone is quick and easy. I’ve compared the two in all areas of operation & found pro’s & con’s with both. For me, I have 2 boys 15 & 12, both have iphones for the past few years now. Being a divorced dad we enjoy facetime, personally, but if not for them id never use it. I’m grateful to be able to communicate with this technology with them on the days we don’t see each other. My GF is the same way, simple & easy. Her comment is that the iphone gets right to the point, anything else she uses her Mac for. Having the chance to mess with the Note, I really saw a beauty in the large screen, amazing colors & so many widgets to give u all the info u need to get through the day. So truly it comes down to the buyer, go shopping, do your homework & see what will work the best for you rather then worrying about who you know has this or uses that, make a decision for yourself & enjoy the advantages we have in todays technology.

  6. stepper696 says:

    Samsung and Apple have both put out great phones in the past and will continue the trend. The Iphone was an awesome phone but I really feel like they are behind in the times. I went from a Iphone4 to a Galaxy S2 and was just blown away by it, not only in size and amazing screen but for its speed and ease of use. For me to really take the next Iphone seriously they need do a major overhaul of their product. The smartphone market is clearly moving toward larger more powerful devices and if Apple keeps the Iphone4s shell and only makes slight improvements and tries to call it the Iphone5, I think they would be making a huge mistake.
    That being said, I am a lover of both Apple and Android, but its clear to me that Samsung is really trying to make strides in the cellphone market and the Note2 will be my next purchase.


    This Is An Open Message for all People who want to buy the best cellphone . i will leave my opinion till the end and let People Choose What To Buy:

    1)First of all When You look at the best cellphone you want to buy you look at the Hardware and Software .

    HARDWARE ; The iPhone 5 Has A Breathtaking 326 ppi Thats The Highest Ever on a mobile Display . 20% More Crisper Text Images And Video . I Doubt That The Camera Will Stay The Same Because No iPhone Was released With The Same Amount Of MP As it predecessors the 8mp was going on in samsung since how long since 2011 in the s2 maybe . You call that innovation . Cpu And Gpu Will Be The Same On Both Devices Because The iPad 3 had quad core graphics the iphone 5 will have as well .Maybe a Slight edge for samsung on the 2gb ram but let us not forget that the samsung is running android jellybean Dont Even think about running Android on a <1Ghz Cellphone We all Know What Happened In Previous android phonesand. 4g , Everything . So i Give It 1-0. And For Those Who Like The S Pen If You think its better than swiping you might as well cut your finger and replace it with it . Steve Jobs Once Said : No To Pens On Mobile phones . the best way to interact with a mobile phone is to use your finger . I Mean Come on what are we doing here PICTOCHAT on DS pen Days Are Over on Mobile phones . Who Ever Brags About The Samsung Corning Gorilla Glass on the samsung Big News . The iPhone Has The Corning gorilla glass 2 also . So scratch resistance it is. No More Talking About Hardware On Samsung . the iPhone 5 already beats that .


    Software : This is a tough Choice , It Depends On The User Experience . Come On Lets Face It iOS is Boring , Samsung Is Open Source Right ? WRONG . The Definition of a samsung being open source is that it could run any malware at anytime . Samsung owners would face Apps closing unexpectedly . And Who ever Says The Google Market Is Now Equal To Appstore , I will give any reply 100 major apps and dare him to find them on the google play . Done That To Someone . Ended Up Buying A 4s . 😉 You See if something happened to a Samsung device . BYEBYE CELLPHONE , whereas you can always be 100 % Safe That Nothing Will HAppen To The iPhone On The Inside Because Of The Ability to restore From iTunes . Lets Make IT iOS = Jellybean to make it fair . But wait another thingy Do You Know about the red app that has a package and circle in it ? BOOM . Its Called Cydia ;). You Can DO Every Single Feature On Android With Cydia , For Those Who dont know about cydia you can do any single thing with cydia like Making prank calls hide apps put a lock in every single app . heck you can download installous that kicks the crap out of 4shared .You Also Have The One And Only Siri . For those who saw the ios 6 keynote they will know about siri and its revolutionary new features . you can ask questions like where to watch a movie , who won el clasico … . All The things Android fans care about face to unlock multitasking quick call response voice input customization everything cydia has it all

    1. mafioso says:

      Dude siri is great but s voice can almost do all the things u would need to do day to day, try copying pics to ur iphone and see what a hassle that is, android is more open source as the is so many custom roms u can put on ur phone its like a new os always, i have to admit when i left my iphone a year ago for the note too the playstore did lack but now all the top developers are there making them for android as well though i do miss my infinity blade ghe qualith of apps have gotten better especially if u root ur phone which is the equivalent to jailbreaking, u should at least try an s3 or note for a few weeks the go back and try to use an iphone that way u can judge!

  9. mafioso says:

    I had all the iphones, i left the 4 for a note, im too use to the bigger screen now, im not saying the iphone is bad but they would have to come really good for me to leave the note, i am thinking about getting the note 2 for sure, i love editing photos and taking notes with the s pen, its really awesome having such a big screen as u can basically do everything from it. To be honest i was at least expecting a better cam on the note 2 and i would have preferred the ppi to be increased alot more but its still a beast.
    For me to go back to iphone now i would consider it if is at least a 4.5 in size, maybe apple should consider 2 iterations as im sure women would buy the smaller one (most anyway) and the guys would buy the bigger one. I know apple will not do that so i will get the note 2 and see if next year apple will increase its size over 4. All in all the note 2 (international version) will be great and one cannot regret once going to this beautiful big screen trust me!

  10. Andrei Lanuza says:

    Its a matter of personal taste. The Note 2’s S-Pen is important for me. And until apple makes use of widgets and am able to customize the homescreen of iOS with different themes and launchers i’ll be sticking with samsung (android) for a while. I like my smartphone to look different and uniquely personal.

  11. I have used the iPhone and must say that Android really does murder it. iPhone had it’s time and now we have to accept that they just cant keep up with Android and Samsung. Apple releases phones yearly and lack new features while Android releases them monthly with phones for everyone. There’s not much you can do with an iPhone and I really dont think there would be much of them if people tried out Samsung Android,

  12. Larry Oyims says:

    Am a fan of Apple. I own an iPad 2 and has been waiting for the release of iPhone 5 to purchase one. But with what I have seen of Samsung galaxy Note 2, it is almost certain Apple will not beat this phone. I love the screen size of the phablet and the other features including the S-Pen. As a journalist I think the Note 2 will be more useful and productive for me than the iPhone 5. Android’s openness is an advantage for some of us that are in third world countries in terms of app purchase. Samsung crafted this Note 2 with that in mind. I will certainly buy Samsung galaxy Note 2. Larry Oyims

  13. Ben says:

    I’m defiantly going to get the iPhone. There so simple to use and I’ve had all the iPhones so I’ve had lots of practice because they have all been so similar. Mum says I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I had more than one button to play with. The best part is when I get my new phone I can plug it into iTunes, upload all my settings and turn it into my old one.

  14. Kartik Solanki says:

    When it comes to business class smartphones and smartphones for creative professionals, NO ONE CAN BEAT GALAXY NOTE 2 !!! Apple remains in the hands of teenagers only !

  15. J Jardin says:

    I am a hardware guy, give me the fastest and higher specs. I will buy a Note 2 and sell my Note. Nothing better than watching iphone users gawk at my Note. xD

  16. sahil gupta says:

    samsung services are xtrmly bad .my new galaxy note 1 gettng so much prblm n evn in duration of purchase of 10 days i got chngd my disply evn prblm nt b solvd..9530468666 sahil gupta jaipur rajasthan..

  17. nasher says:

    guys please suggest me . some of them says plz buy I phone4s and some of them told me to buy samsung galaxy note 2. i think both of this phones are same,but few of the applications different. actually i’m totally confused which one i need to buy. guys plz refers me.

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