Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset shown on the march

We recently told how some Nokia smartphones running on Windows Phone 8 are expected to be revealed soon and that at a Microsoft and Nokia event taking place on September 5 we expect to see at least one Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphone unveiled. Details of specs for this handset have remained well guarded but a new leak has shown a lineup of what are purported to be Nokia Windows Phone 8 handsets in a colorful array.

We’re unable to tell from the photos just which of the rumored Nokia Windows Phone 8 models is shown but various ideas are being bandied about. We recently told how Verizon is apparently hoping to carry one at least one of the new Windows Phone 8 handsets from Nokia but we’ve also heard that the Nokia Phi and Nokia Arrow look set to be heading to AT&T in the U.S.

One of the new Nokia Windows Phone 8 handsets is expected to feature PureView camera technology but we also know that other handsets will be coming across a whole price range. However it has been rumored that the Nokia Phi will be the PureView version and other leaked specs include a 4.6-inch touchscreen, Qualcomm dual-core processor, NFC, microSD expansion and LTE. According to Phone Arena, the Nokia Arrow has been touted as fitting the midrange area of the market.

One of the leaked photos shows a yellow colored handset with curved edges that has been dubbed ‘Nokia WP8 new.’ This could be the Arrow but whatever it is it shows that Nokia is sticking with its vivid polycarbonate designs that have proven popular. In an update to their story Phones Review, sourced from welovewp.hk says that another leaked photo claims to be of the Nokia Arrow in a variety of colors but looks different to the previous yellow model that was leaked so at this stage it really is anyone’s guess.

It’s only one more week though until the event on Wednesday so hopefully we’ll have confirmation then on at least one of the new Nokia Windows Phone 8 handsets. We shall of course be keeping readers up to date as we hear more about this. Do the leaked images show a phone that you might consider purchasing? Are you a fan of the Nokia styling? Why not let us know with your comments.


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  1. Galaxyman says:

    Hi, I have a Nokia lumia 900, n i love it,I would however be interested in what Nokia come up with as a direct replacement running windows 8 as a posse to mine on 7.8, if the replacement bin pure view camera with a high pixel count I could be tempted to upgrade.

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