HTC One XL to be first 4G phone on EveryThing Everywhere

Smartphone users in the UK have long had to look across the pond in envy at all the great 4G mobile devices being released in the US. The much delayed auction of the available spectrum in the UK has seen the offering of a 4G service being put back ever further. Now though following Ofcom’s decision with Everything Everywhere it seems the HTC One XL will be the first 4G handset in the UK.

Back in March we first told you of UK regulator Ofcoms plans to get a 4G service up and running in the country by the end of this year, and this was confirmed after the regulator gave Everything Everywhere permission to use its 1800MHz spectrum.

Now according to an article over at Pocket Lint the HTC One XL will be among or actually the first 4G compatible handset on the carrier once the new service launches next month. The handset is currently on offer in the US on the AT&T network as well as in Germany on the Vodafone LTE network.

Now sources that claim to be familiar with distribution have claimed the handset will be making its way over to the UK with Everything Everywhere. It will be able to make use of the new 4G network on offer from the carrier once it goes live on September 11th.

This comes after there were claims previously that the actual go live date for the new 4G network may be around the end of September, or even next month. The handset is almost identical to the HTC One X already available in the country, except the faster 4G connection.

The release of the iPhone 5 in the coming weeks is also thought to bring 4G connectivity so subscribers to the carrier may hold fire until this is available before signing up to Everything Everywhere’s new service.

Will you be joining the new 4G service?

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