Ofcom pushing for UK 4G availability this year

The latest version of the iPad brought with it 4G LTE connectivity that is great if you live in a country that can offer you such a network. Residents in the UK have long been watching their US cousins being treated to a number of high-end 4G smartphones in recent times, but today we have the news that regulator Ofcom is pushing to get 4G availability in the UK this year.

Ofcom has revealed a new proposal that may see a 4G mobile network sometime this year in the UK, and according to a report over at TechRadar could involve changing Everything Everywhere’s spectrum licence, which would then allow it to offer 4G services.

Everything Everywhere has long been testing 4G services that began last year in Cornwall and more recently in Bristol. The carrier is looking to use some of its spare 1800 MHz spectrum for the 4G service, but would require a new licence to switch from 3G use to 4G.

Ofcom seems to be onside with the move and has given the intention to allow the changes by Everything Everywhere and has used demand and benefits to the user in the UK for its decision. The regulator said that LTE and WiMAX services remain unavailable to UK residents, but there is “widespread demand” for such services from consumers, and this is likely to grow even more in the future as more smartphones will come with 4G compatibility.

Ofcom will now wait and see if any responses come in from other parties, as although Ofcom doesn’t believe it raises any issues with unfair competition; many rival carriers may have a different view of the situation. Only recently there has been talk that the next iPhone may come with 4G LTE technology, and as the handset will be on top of many consumers’ wish lists this year they will want to be able to fully utilize its features.

Are you looking forward to a 4G service in the UK?

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