Motorola Intel-powered phone rumors rise again

Regular readers with amazing memories may remember that way back in February we reported on rumors of a new Motorola smartphone that would be powered by an Intel processor and be running on Android 4.0. The idea of this initially pricked ears but the fuss soon died down, as other new handsets became reality. However it seems that the rumor of an Intel-powered Motorola phone has risen again and it appears we should be hearing a lot more on September 18.

Many of you have been patiently waiting for the Motorola Droid RAZR HD to be announced for release on Verizon stateside with an U.S. event scheduled for September 5 to unveil this phone. However it now seems that Motorola enthusiasts in other regions may also get a nice surprise as another event has been arranged on September 18 at Victoria House, London, U.K. and word is that this is when the guts about the Intel-powered Motorola phone will be spilt.

A GSM Arena report tells how invitations to this September 18 event are already being sent out and that all pointers indicate we’ll be introduced to a phone powered by an Intel Medfield chipset based on an X86 CPU. The previous rumors also suggested an HD display and of course Android 4.0 ICS but that was way before 4.1 Jelly Bean which has just become available as the latest Android operating system. There is then a real possibility that this mystery Motorola handset may sport Jelly Bean rather than Ice Cream Sandwich.

Other previously rumored specs and features included a new MotoBlur UI, a majorly improved camera on previous offerings and instant-on capabilities. If initial renderings from back in February are accurate then it looks as though this new Motorola phone could have a sleek and stylish silver casing but of course anything could have happened between February and now. We’ll be looking out for further information on this and will let you know as we hear it.

It’s not too long now until September 18 but in the meantime we’d like you to send your comments about this rumored Motorola phone powered by an Intel processor. Does it sound like the sort of smartphone you might be interested in?

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