Sony Xperia TX, T & V performances blitz quad-core devices

We have some news today regarding Sony’s Xperia TX, T and V smartphones, which may intrigue many people. The newly revealed handsets, just shown at IFA in Berlin, all use dual-core processors and many of you may initially think that their performance may be inferior to the phones that now feature quad-core processors. However tests have shown that the performances of this new trio of smartphones blitzed the quad-core devices that were also tested.

Earlier this month we reported on the Sony Xperia TX and how it could be good competition for other upcoming handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Apple’s iPhone 5. We told how it would have a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and this was confirmed, the same as for the Xperia T and Xperia V. All three processors are based on Krait architecture and it seems to be this that has made the performance of these Sony Xperia phones stand out in benchmark tests. The benchmark tests also revealed that all three have Adreno 225 GPU’s.

The test results, as reported by GSM Arena, started with the BenchmarkPi test and to be frank the dual-core processors of the Xperia TX, T and V would have an advantage here, as multi-core architectures do not come into play here. In the BenchmarkPi test where the lower score ranks the best the Xperia T came in at 309, the same as the Xperia V while the Xperia TX score was only marginally different at 310. Looking at quad-core device comparisons the Galaxy S3 scored 344, the HTC One X with Tegra 3 processor came in at 338 and the LG Optimus 4X HD scored 350. This was a notable triumph then for the three Xperia handsets.

In NenaMark 2 tests where a higher score is better the trio of Xperia handsets with dual-core processors again rated highest. The scores for the Xperia phones were 60, 60 and 58.8 for the T, TX and V respectively. Only the Galaxy S3 could compete here with the same score as the Xperia V on 58.8 but the LG Optimus 4X HD scored 52.3 while the HTC One X scored a rather lowly 47.5.

Similarly in overall performance measurements with the Quadrant tests the new Sony Xperia phones came out with flying colors against their quad-core processor cousins. With the highest score being best the Xperia V came out top with 6047 while the Xperia TX scored 5793 and the Xperia T came out as 5675. By comparison the quad-core phones scored 5365 for the Galaxy S3, 4842 for the HTC One X and 4814 for the LG Optimus 4X HD.

These are highly significant results then and should dispel the notion that quad-core is always best as well as being a big boost to sales of the new Xperia TX, T and V. We’d really like to hear our readers’ thoughts on this and always take in interest in your opinion. Were you completely sold on a quad-core processor device for your next smartphone? Might you now change your mind considering these benchmark test results? Let us know with your comments.


7 thoughts on “Sony Xperia TX, T & V performances blitz quad-core devices”

  1. Genorok says:

    Still hoping that Sony Releases the Xperia V on Verizon this time around. If they want to gain some market share in the United States, they’re not going to do it by only releasing phones to AT&T.

    AT&T has the better phones at the moment but the recent Sony Phones would have been more competitive against the Verizon phone markets. The Galaxy SIII and Iphone 5 are the only 2 competitive phones Verizon will have to offer. Sprint as the HTC One as an additional challenge.

  2. rjeeez says:

    Its about the architecture of the processor and these benchmarks show. Its why the one s beats the one x in 10 out of 17 benchmarks even tho the one x is quad core. qualcomm S4 is a superior processor to any other at the moment when the s4 pro (quad core) version arrives it will leave current quad core devices in the dust at the same clock speed. it already scored 7700 in quadrant (test unit) compared to a gs3 which normally scores around 5000 at most. Not forgetting the xperia v and t (and tx) will have better power consumption because of this.

  3. Well i guess ARM were right to come out and praise sony for not blindly going down the quad core route. We certainly know that Jelly Bean still isnt fully optimised for quadcore yet…. Especially ICS. Its a shame that 90% of consumers and reviewers will look at the spec and go ‘duuuhhhhgh more cores=more power’ which means sony will be known as behind rather than in front, which will effect sales. Hard. Shame really.
    Its a shame sony didnt mention a lot of this in their marketing and adverrs to make consumers aware. The xperia t is going to be the best yet more under rated phone of the year. Sony have had so much bad luck over the past few years, they really dont need themselves making life difficult either.

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