Google Nexus 7 3G possibly being prepped by Asus

The tablet PC market has been heating up nicely in recent times with consumers being treated to an increasing choice of devices. The Android platform has been playing catch up to the Apple iPad but cheaper options have been made available recently, and now there are reports that a Google Nexus 7 3G is possibly being prepped by Asus.

The Google Nexus 7 is arguably one of the hottest properties on the Android platform at the moment, with its competitive price coupled with the latest version of the Android operating system and the promise of future updates. One drawback for some users though is the fact that it is currently Wi-Fi only, but as Unwired View are reporting a 3G version may be in the works.

A so called well placed insider has told website MoDaCo that Asus is currently ramping up production of a 3G version of the Nexus 7, which is in readiness for an apparent launch in six weeks. This will make it the middle of October when we may see such a device, but no actual release date has so far been given.

It is also not known if true what countries will see the 3G enabled Google Nexus 7 first, and the current Wi-Fi only model is still in short supply in a lot of regions. It is thought that besides the mobile data connectivity the Google Nexus 7 will remain identical to the current model already available.

Also the price for the possible 3G version is unknown or what carriers will be offering any such device when it is first launched. Having such a feature on the Nexus 7 will open the device up to even more consumers, and will see sales increasing further.

Would you get a 3G Google Nexus 7?


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  1. ronf57 says:

    I don’t know if this is a mis-labeling of 3g rather than pseudo 4g. But if it isn’t 4g verizon said earlier this year “they will carry no devices that are not 4g.” makes me wonder what will happen with iPhone 5 if they don’t have 4gLTE (less than equal).

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