Wahoo Fitness Bike Trainer controlled by iPhone

If you are one of the iOS faithful that likes to keep fit by cycling, you might like to know that the world’s first iPhone powered bike trainer will become available over in the good old US of A in a few months time, and Wahoo Fitness unveiled the Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Trainer, an iPhone controlled bike trainer at EUROBIKE 2012.

According to an article over on Swift page 3, the KICKR Power Trainer enables triathletes and cyclists to set the resistance, complete app based workouts, and accurately measure power all from their iPhone, with the KICKR Power Trainer connecting to the iOS smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ tech.

With the KICKR Power Trainer the user can adjust resistance by their iPhone for simulating real world courses or structured rides by using such apps as Kinomap Trainer and TrainerRoad, with in ride adjustments simulating coasting downhill to up a 15 percent grade, along with measuring speed and power using your preferred iPhone cycling application or ANT+ bike computer.

Resistance adjustments are instant whilst with a wheel off design and a super flywheel, the iPhone connected trainer has been engineered to deliver an ultra-realistic road fee, whilst the direct power management at the hub delivers lab accurate and consistent power readings for every mile, and testing has shown it is one of the quietest bike trainers on the market.

The CEO of Wahoo Fitness, Chip Hawkins has said that they have spent loads of time engineering the feel, and fine tuning it for the most realistic ride they have ever experienced with an indoor bike trainer, and with the wheel off design there is no need for calibration, and the electronic resistance is driven by the iPhone or tablet.

The KICKR Power Trainer will become available in the United States sometime in November 2012, although there is currently no word on how much the device will command price wise. For a full list of apps that are compatible with the KICKR Power Trainer you can hit up here.

So there you go, a new bike trainer for all you iOS fitness fans out there, so all you need do now in head on down and mash the play button on the video we have for your viewing pleasure…enjoy.

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