HTC Desire Jelly Bean AOKP ROM looks good

Okay so the HTC desire is getting on a bit, but that doesn’t mean HTC desire users have to miss out on Android Jelly Bean as long as you don’t mind tinkering with your smartphone, as you can now gain a taste of Android Jelly Bean on your HTC Desire by way of the Android Open Kang Project, who have now release another Jelly Bean AOKP ROM for the device.

According to an article over on The Android Soul, this latest AOKP ROM from XDA-Developers is of course an unofficial AOKP Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM, albeit still being under development, and as such there are still a couple of thins not working such as video recording and tether, but the guys so say it is still one of the best custom ROMs available for the HTC Desire.

The guys have also come up with a guide on how to install the AOKP ROM onto your HTC Desire, which goes like this…

Firstly this procedure will wipe all settings, data and apps so make sure you back up everything beforehand, and then ensure your HTC Desire has ClockworkMod recovery installed, and then download the latest version of the AOKP ROM from XDA-Developers. Then download Google Apps Package from here, then copy the ROM and Gapps zip files to the SD card.

Next turn off your HTC Desire, and boot into CWM recovery, by holding Volume Down and the Power button until the handset boots to the bootloader/HBOOT mode, and then use the volume keys to highlight the ‘Recovery’ option, and then use the power button to boot into CWM recovery.

Then perform a Nandroid Backup of your existing ROM, just in case anything goes wrong and you need to restore it from recovery. Then select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’, and hit ‘yes’ to confirm on the next screen. Once the data wipe is complete, select ‘install zip from sdcard’ then select ‘choose zip from sdcard’ and confirm installation by selecting ‘yes — install____.zip on the next screen, and the ROM will begin installing.

Once the ROM installation is done, select ‘choose zip from sdcard’ again and then select the ‘gapps-jb-20120726-signed zip’ file to install the Google Apps Package, and once complete, select ‘go back’ then select ‘reboot system now’ to reboot the device and boot up into AOKP ROM, which can take five minutes, and you are done. If you wish to return to your previous ROM, boot into recovery, select ‘backup and restore’ and then restore your previous ROM from the list.

There you have it, how to install the AOKP Android jelly Bean ROM on the HTC Desire, so if any of our readers give it a while feel free to let us know how it all goes.


3 thoughts on “HTC Desire Jelly Bean AOKP ROM looks good”

  1. Thanks for a great guide. On my HTC Desire with Android 2.2.2 Froyo, I constantly get low storage space warnings, and I fight a battle to keep number of installed apps low, move apps to SD-card, clear caches, etc. etc. because of the small amount of storage. Any word on how this situation will be with Jelly Bean on the device?

  2. Tim says:

    AOKP ROM does look good but the video player does not work with my current files installed in my sd card.Also the superuser binary cannot be updated as well.

    Furthemore, the most serious issue that i have is that the phone , when rebooted, stucks in the AOKP logo forever.After a lot of searchin , i discovered that by booting into recovery mode and choosing to wipe out ”Dalvik Cache” in the ”advanced” submenu, the phone does actually manage to boot into the home screen but not before it ”optimizes apps ”which takes a while.Then i also have to re install my contacts from the sd card
    Any suggestions anyone..?

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