Microsoft Nokia Windows Phone 8 September 5 event countdown

While Apple and various companies that make Android hardware continue to battle it out in various court rooms around the world, Microsoft are getting ready to launch the latest version of the Windows Phone operating system, which it hopes will help it gain more ground on its rivals. We are now counting down to the Microsoft, Nokia Windows Phone 8 event that is taking place on September 5th.

As the guys over at SlashGear are reporting Microsoft and Nokia will be hosting an event in New York tomorrow, which has already been the subject of some leaks. So far we have seen a collection of handsets along with a wireless charging pad, headphones, and some speakers all in bright Nokia colours.

All that may be left to find out at the event is the actual confirmation of these items and how much they will be costing, but you never know there may be some other nice surprises in store. The event itself begins tomorrow at 9:30 AM EST in New York, where the world’s press will be able to get up close and personal with some Nokia hardware running Windows Phone 8 Apollo.

Nokia are being rather bullish about the event by stating that Samsung should be “taking note”, as their “next generation Lumia” will be arriving soon. There are also rumours that US carrier Verizon will be amongst the carriers working with Windows Phone this season.

Following the recent Apple vs Samsung court decision in the US Nokia’s stock value shot up and the future is looking good for the next generation of Windows Phone running Lumia’s. It is believed that the actual release date for Windows Phone 8 is October 29th, and this could also mean that all of the Windows phone 8 handsets that have been seen so far, should be arriving at carriers towards the end of next month as well.

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